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Πρ. Anastasiadis: Hope that diplomatic efforts will prevent new threats from Erdogan

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Πρ. Anastasiadis: Hope that diplomatic efforts will prevent new threats from Erdogan

The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Sunday Step.

“In order to prevent Turkey's aspirations, always in cooperation with the Greek Government, we exhaust all diplomatic and non-diplomatic action both within the European Union and towards friendly countries, including the permanent and non-members of the Security Council, taking advantage of the same time. “A multilevel foreign policy that we have developed with neighboring countries and not only,” said President Anastasiadis. In this context, he expressed the hope that these diplomatic efforts will prevent the expression of new threats by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during his visit on July 20th.

President Anastasiadis reiterated the political will and determination of the Cypriot Government to work within the framework of the United Nations and the European Union to find a solution to the Cyprus problem “that will lead to a federal state with full independence and sovereignty. free of guarantees or occupying troops “. As he said, such a solution should “ensure the functionality and therefore the viability of the state, always with full respect for the principles and values as enshrined in the European acquis and the provisions of the United Nations Charter.”

However, the President of the Republic of Cyprus expressed the view that the Turkish behavior does not create much hope for finding a solution in a short time.

As he noted, “Turkey's delinquent and illegal actions manifested in the Exclusive Economic Zone but also on the ground, culminating in the demand for a solution beyond and outside the UN resolutions” but also “Ankara's interventions with the creation of new perpetrators, with change of the status of the enclosed city of Famagusta, but also of the absolute control it exercises over the Turkish Cypriot community do not allow the hope that it is possible with similar attitudes to find a solution in a short time that will be accepted by the Greek Cypriots as […] and by the international community and the European Union “.

Referring to the forthcoming anniversary of the Turkish invasion, Mr. Anastasiadis noted that forty-seven years later Cyprus is still experiencing “the consequences of the betrayal with the ongoing military occupation of 37% of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus and a strategy of Turkey seeking either the annexation of the occupied territories or the solution on the basis of two independent states through illegal actions and the creation of new ones at the expense of the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus “.

“Both I and my predecessors in the Presidency of the Republic sought through painful concessions to find a solution that would allow the Republic of Cyprus to evolve into a functioning and sustainable state, consistent with the principles of international law and values. of the European Union “, noted President Anastasiadis.


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Source: politis.com.cy

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