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Υπ. Of Energy: The companies are committed to their program in the Cypriot EEZ

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Υπ. Of Energy: The companies are committed to their program in the Cypriot EEZ

Licensed energy companies remain committed to their program in the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), despite the fact that due to the effects of the pandemic, many units around the world are being abandoned, according to Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry Natasa Pileidou.

In a closed session, Mrs. Peilidou briefed the Parliamentary Energy Committee on Tuesday on the Ministry's plans related to hydrocarbons and the continuation of the Cyprus drilling program and the wider planning for natural gas, as well as the actions of the Cyprus Hydrocarbons Company (EYC). .

Mr. Pileidou told reporters after the meeting of the Commission that the activities in the Cypriot EEZ are planned for the second half of 2021. This, he noted, is particularly positive for Cyprus, as many large companies around the world have abandoned many pieces in too many countries of the world.

“The fact that the program continues into 2021 and the discussions over the details are intensifying is very positive for us,” he said.

He added, however, that the fact that the pandemic continues to afflict the whole world is something that must be taken into account and expressed the hope that in the second half of 2021, the conditions will indeed allow research activities to continue. He said that companies are moving forward with the planning in this direction.

Answering a question, he stated that the postponements that occurred in 2020 have not affected the whole schedule and the planning is still in place so that in 2025-2026 Cyprus has the first natural gas. At this stage, he said, there is no delay, adding that if all goes well with the pandemic, they hope to achieve these timetables.

To another question, he answered that the companies have not raised any issue of postponement due to Turkey. Asked how many drillings are expected in the coming months, she said that drilling is expected from all licensees and discussions are being held with all consortia in the Cypriot EEZ.

In his statements after the end of the Committee, its President and DISY MP Andreas Kyprianou stated that in today's session both the Minister of Energy and the President of the Cyprus Hydrocarbons Company were informed about the work performed by the company.

He expressed particular satisfaction because, as he said, everyone has noted the great importance of the continuation of the program of energy companies licensed in the Cypriot EEZ, but also the continuation of their commitment to the contracts they have signed for research and exploitation of energy resources in the EEZ of the Republic of Cyprus. As he said, this is extremely important as there are very few goals maintained by the big companies due to the pandemic and the difficult economic conditions they face.

He also noted that the energy program of the Republic of Cyprus continues normally, as well as the efforts for commercial exploitation of the “Aphrodite” deposit, but also the planning for the confirmation drilling of ExxonMobil for the “Kalypso” and “Glafko” targets.

He also said that the terminal in Vassiliko is proceeding normally within the schedules, as well as the procedures within the EastMed Gas Forum.

AKEL MP Costas Costa stated that they reiterated to the Minister of Energy that the management of the issue of hydrocarbons must be done with seriousness and proper planning for the benefit of the entire Cypriot people and that the energy program in the Cypriot EEZ must proceed within a energy planning to be prepared by the Government.

He also expressed frustration that the Government treated the issue of hydrocarbons more as a communication tool for internal consumption, often cultivating illusions in the people.

He also said that they requested information from the Minister on the further development of the energy program due to the illegal actions of Turkey, but also the postponement of drilling by companies due to the pandemic. Also for the intentions of the Government regarding the creation of the liquefaction terminal, he stressed that Cyprus could be ready with all the techno-economic studies. He also said that information was requested on the negotiations between Cyprus and Israel for the development of the “Aphrodite” deposit, stating that for seven years the two governments have not reached an agreement on joint exploitation, but also on the plans for the pipeline to Egypt. Also for the planned EastMed pipeline and the participation or not of Italy in the project.

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