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Υπ. Of Transport: The PTA is making efforts to resume talks for a solution to the Cyprus problem

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Υπ. Of Transport: The PTA is making efforts to resume talks for a solution to the Cyprus problem

The President of the Republic is making efforts for the resumption of talks for a solution to the Cyprus problem with the aim of resolving our national problem, said today the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works Giannis Karousos.

In his solemn speech in praise of the national anniversary of October 28, 1940, which took place at the Church of St. Lazarus in Larnaca, the Minister said that “the President of the Republic is making systematic and persistent efforts to resume talks aimed at solving our national problem. Through the formation of strategic alliances, the President of the Republic works resolutely and fights for the liberation of our country, which will be based on the principles and values of international law, the UN and the European acquis, ensuring our national and natural survival. in the land of our fathers. “

The President of the Republic, continued “fights for a solution that will create a truly independent and modern state whose sovereignty, territorial integrity and constitutional order will not be limited by anachronistic guarantees or the presence of foreign troops. A solution that will ensure the functionality, and, consequently, the viability of the state, allowing all citizens, regardless of national origin, to live together with mutual respect in conditions of peace, stability, security and progress “.

In his speech, the Minister of Transport also stated that “defending the survival of Hellenism, its rights and entitlements, our first and highest priority remains the liberation and reunification of our country, as well as its liberation from foreign troops and guarantees.”

The times we live in, he continued, “are difficult and more than ever our place needs solidarity and unity. “Turkey continues to openly challenge us and for this reason we must remain constantly vigilant and vigilant,” he said, noting that “our duty is to continue the struggle until final justice.”

Giannis Karousos also stated that “the presence of the Turkish occupier in our homeland, the continuing provocative and aggressive behavior of Turkey with the recent opening of part of the besieged city of Famagusta and the continuing violation of international law in the Exclusive Economic Zone, obliges us to keep alive the “I DON'T FORGET” which reminds us that there is an open wound in our country, for which Turkey is solely responsible “.

“I DON'T FORGET” continued Mr. Karousos values of the European Union “.

Referring to the solution of the modern issues that concern our nation, the Minister of Transport said that “the study of history is required, which we must have as a guide and learn through the struggles, sacrifices and mistakes that have been made. The celebration of October 28, is for all Hellenism, a day of remembrance and pride, in 1940 an immortal Epic was written, a new point of reference not only for Hellenism everywhere but also for the whole world “.

Mr. Karousos also referred to the participation of Cyprus “in the effort of Greece to maintain its sovereignty and overthrow fascism” and said that “the contribution of the Cypriots was considered very important and contributed substantially to the resistance of the Diocese of the Nation against to the Axis troops. “In Cyprus, the Greek Cypriots en masse demanded that they be registered and sent to the mountains of Pindos to fight on the side of the Greek soldiers.”

It is worth noting, said the Minister of Transport, that thirty thousand Cypriots joined and fought in the forces of the “Cyprus Regiment” and the “Cyprus Volunteer Force” which were founded in 1940. The Cypriots of these two military corps fought, through the British Army, in Greece, Egypt and Libya and took part in the battle of Crete “.

In the British Force, which was sent from the Middle East to fight in Greece, Giannis Karousos continued, “five thousand Cypriots were included, half of whom were killed, wounded or taken prisoner. It is noteworthy that the month with the highest ranking of Cypriots in the military corps was November 1940, where 921 volunteers were enlisted, a fact that reflects the unprecedented enthusiasm caused in Cyprus by the Greek resistance to the Italian attack in October 1940 “.

He also noted that “the Epic of 1940 and the Greek NO are a reference point in world history for shaking off the yoke of oppressed peoples, resistance against the unjust and the inhuman. “The NO of the Greeks was a global example to be imitated and enlightened humanity with the greatness of small states, which opposed the violation of human rights.”

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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