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10 questions and answers for businesses

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10 questions and answers for businesses

Answers to 10 key questions about how businesses should operate during the travel ban decree were given by the Ministry of Health during the presentation of the strictest measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

1. How will private service companies operate?

Private service companies (eg law firms, accounting firms, architectural firms, insurance companies, service companies, etc.), with the exception of the essential services set out in the Decree, work remotely. The physical presence of employees is allowed within the professional premises, which does not exceed 15% of the total number of staff with a minimum presence of three (3) people, if the employer so wishes, and a maximum of 20 people.

The rest of the staff works through teleworking at home. It is understood that the number is rounded up.

For example,

– in a company with 10 people, up to 3 people can work with a physical presence, if the employer so wishes.

– in a company with 50 employees, up to 8 people can work with a physical presence.

– in a company with 200 employees, the maximum number of persons who can work simultaneously with a physical presence may not exceed 20 people.

A detailed list will be issued by the Ministry of Labor.

2. Which companies / premises / industries are suspending their operation?

The operation of the following companies is suspended:

Barbers & hairdressers, Beauty salons, Hairdressing centers, Theaters, cinemas, auditoriums, Outdoor and outdoor amphitheaters, Catering establishments *, Nightclubs, Shopping malls, department stores **, Playgrounds Archaeological Sites, Museums, Historic Sites, Zoos & Natural Habitats, Gambling & Gambling Agencies, Casinos, Amateur Driving Schools, Driving Schools, Professional Driving Schools (Vocational Training Schools), Vocational Schools training of drivers of dangerous goods vehicles, car dealerships ***, gyms, dance schools, other related schools.

* Provided that the focus areas can only offer home delivery services (delivery) at the time that they define the premises and take away and drive through until 9pm.

** It is understood that retail stores within shopping malls may sell products through e-commerce with home shipping / delivery.

*** It is understood that in the case of car dealerships, only the operation of repair shops ( service ) is allowed . At the same time, the car repair shops and other related companies, as well as the companies providing technical inspection services for road vehicles (MOT), remain in operation.

3. Which companies do not suspend their operation?

The companies that remain in operation, in compliance with the relevant health instructions and protocols, are defined in the relevant list to be issued by the Ministry of Labor.

4. What applies to the operation of construction sites and other related companies?

Construction sites and other companies with related activities continue to operate in compliance with health protocols. A relevant list of companies that remain in operation will be issued by the Ministry of Labor.

5. What about the operation of beverage and food retail businesses and popular markets?

It is allowed to operate retail trade of beverages and food, such as supermarkets, mini-markets, fruit shops, bakeries, butchers, fishmongers, grocery stores.

It is clarified that the sale of retail items (eg clothes, shoes, cosmetics, electrical appliances, linen, toys, etc.) to the above retail companies of beverages and food is prohibited .

Pharmacies, supermarkets, mini-markets, fruit shops, butchers, fishmongers and grocery stores, from the time of their operation until 10 in the morning, serve only people over 65 and people with disabilities .

The public markets operate to the fullest extent of 50% of their capacity. It is forbidden to operate public markets that sell clothes, linen and / or other products, as well as street vending.

The companies operating in the supply chain remain in operation.

6. Do hotels and other tourist accommodation remain open?

Hotels / tourist accommodation operate exclusively for the accommodation of persons who do not have their permanent residence in Cyprus and fall under the provisions of the Decree (paragraphs 2.9 to 2.14 and 2.16). Reservations are not allowed for persons residing permanently in the Republic of Cyprus .

It is understood that the dining areas inside the hotels and tourist accommodation remain open:

only for the service of the persons who are hosted in their premises, with a maximum number of persons in total up to 75 persons (indoor and outdoor), six (6) persons per table, observing the measure of one person per 3 sq.m. indoors and one person per 2 sq.m. outdoors.

7. How will the public and wider public sector and Local Government work?

The public and wider public sector and the Local Government work with the necessary security personnel in the offices for emergency management and service of citizens to cover emergencies. The released staff remains at home in order to work with the teleworking method. In defining security personnel, the need to restrict employees belonging to high-risk groups should be taken into account. The services defined by the Decree as the essential services are excluded from the above regulation.

8. How will the Courts work?

The Courts will deal only with urgent cases and their operation is regulated by a circular issued by the Supreme Court.

9. How will the National Guard camps operate?

The operation of the National Guard camps will be regulated on the basis of guidelines issued by the Ministry of Defense.

10. Are conferences, exhibitions, assemblies, press conferences, examinations allowed?

Conferences, assemblies, exhibitions and press conferences are suspended. It is understood that they are allowed to be performed online.

It is allowed to conduct examinations and / or meetings of State Authorities and / or meetings of Authorities and / or Services and / or Bodies and / or Bodies, in places for which approval is given by the Ministry of Health.

Source: www.philenews.com

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