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10 Year Water Delivery Program

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10 Χρόνια Πρόγρα μμα Αποστολor Νερo

On the occasion of World Water Day which is celebrated every year on 22 March the Coca< em>Cola in Cyprus emphasizes the value of the most important commodity in the world

The World Water Day, which we celebrate on March 22, is of particular importance for Cyprus, as one of the countries with the most limited natural water resources in Europe. The challenge of water scarcity is never far from us, while the climate change we are already experiencing makes it more and more acute. The responsibility of each of us, at the level of individuals as well as administration, for the correct use and management of water, is essential.

The existence of water, however, is not self-evident. The planet's most precious resource is at risk and World Water Day is the occasion to reassess the value of water.

10 Χρόνια Πρόγραμμα Αποστολ or Νερo

The “Water Mission” of CocaCola in Cyprus< /strong>

Coca-Cola in Cyprus is committed to the responsible management of natural resources and raw materials and to ensuring sustainable development. The most basic ingredient for the company's products is water, since it is an integral part of its production process, and is used both for production and for cleaning and disinfecting the machines. Specifically for water, the company's commitment concerns saving 100% of the water used in production by 2030.

With continuous actions since 2013, when the “Sending Water” Social Program was launched, Coca-Cola in Cyprus promotes more efficient water management, through the adoption of alternative water sources while at the same time raising public awareness, and especially children , for the responsible management of water in collaboration with public and private agencies.

Impressive impact

The impact of the program is impressive as to date: 19 projects have been implemented of national importance in Cyprus, 2 in Limassol, 1 in Famagusta and 16 in Nicosia.

Specifically the projects implemented are:

– New installation of 9 gray water recycling systems in primary, secondary schools and environmental education centers (including the one at the Makarios stadium).

– Rehabilitation of 8 gray water collection facilities in the schools of Cyprus.

– Installation of a system of filtration, collection and use of rainwater at Famagusta Gate in collaboration with the Municipality of Nicosia.

– The most recent program agreed last October in collaboration with the Municipality of Aglantzia aims to save again 3,000,000 liters of water for the irrigation of public green spaces, through technical reuse interventions, as well as with the help of smart technology that will increase efficiency in water use.

10 Χρ νια Πρoγραμμα Αποστολor Νερo

So far the results recorded:

-At least 38 million liters of water are saved annually with at least 80,000 residents of Cyprus benefiting.

– 280 teachers, 2,500 students, as well as 30 technicians were trained in responsible water management and new water saving technologies

International recognition

The “Sending Water” program is implemented by the international organization Global Water Partnership – Mediterranean (GWP-Med) in collaboration with Coca-Cola in Cyprus and with the exclusive support of The Coca-Cola Foundation.< /p>

The reputation of the Program has gone beyond the borders of Cyprus as it was awarded as the second best practice at Global Level in the World Water Showcase Competition of the 7th World Water Forum. At the same time, “Apostoli Nero” has also received distinctions at the local level, from the Cyprus Responsible Business Awards.

The environmental impact of the Program is priceless! Coca-Cola's project in Cyprus acquires even greater value in our country, which has been recognized as one of the European countries with the greatest shortage of water resources. Through the responsible management of water with all the respect it deserves throughout its value chain, the company creates wider effects on the economy, society and the environment.


Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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