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11 thousand platform workers signed a resolution against the EU Directive

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As they argue, the implementation of such a directive could jeopardize their flexibility and autonomy

11 χιλιαδες εργαζoμεν&omicron ι σε πλατφoρμες υπeγραψαν ψorφισμ α κατα ΟδηγΙας της ΕΕ

There is an uproar in the ranks of freelancers across Europe, on the occasion of the recent agreement of the Spanish EU presidency to promote a European directive that changes the terms of employment of platform workers.

The agreement in question seems to be viewed with skepticism and concern in the circles of freelancers, who express concern that the legal documentation of salaried work that the Directive seeks to ensure, could in fact jeopardize their flexibility and autonomy.

More than 11,000 freelancers who work on various online platforms across the European Union have already reacted to the change in their work status by signing a related resolution of the trade union movement Freelance Movement.

In a statement, the movement's General Secretary, Glen Hodgson, said that as a freelancer concerned about the future of his work, he found the deal particularly worrying. “The introduction of five indicators for the classification of workers as employees creates more legal uncertainty, while it is an important step backwards. Joining my voice with more than 11,000 freelancers, I call on member states to reject this proposal and protect the rights and livelihoods of workers employed on online platforms across the EU,” he stressed.

According to the movement, self-employment through online applications has enabled more than 28 million professionals in the European Union, such as graphic designers, childcare workers, couriers, taxi drivers and others, to make a living on their own terms. The ability to choose when, from where and how to work is a cornerstone of their independence, but also of their entrepreneurial spirit.

“I have signed the resolution as, as a freelancer for the last few years, I value the freedom to choose my working hours. I only hope that this freedom of ours will be preserved”, says one of the signatories. Another worker emphasized that he highly values ​​being able to choose his work and how much he wants to work.

11 χιλιαδες εργαζoμενοι σε πλ&alpha ;τφόρμες υπεγραψαν ψorφισμα κατà Ο δηγλας της ΕΕ

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