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12 + 1 tips to feel better with your body from tomorrow

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12 + 1 tips to feel better with your body from tomorrow

What you can do to get back into the program and feel better about your body

Sometimes you may have a real need to enjoy your favorite treats – no matter how fattening – or to spend your day lying down, doing binge-watching. And while there is nothing wrong with giving in to temptation or taking a short break from exercise, when uncontrolled diet and inactivity become a constant, you may end up feeling lazy and bloated in the long run. endanger your health. Since the beginning is usually the hardest part in every new endeavor, follow the tips below to feel better about your body from tomorrow onwards. Next, try to incorporate these good habits into your lifestyle to boost your well-being, energy levels and self-confidence .

12 + 1 tips to feel better with your body from tomorrow

1. Start your day with water

After sleep the body needs hydration. When you drink water in the morning, you enhance your kidneys' ability to remove toxins that have accumulated while you sleep, while boosting your energy.

2. Limit salt

Consuming too much salt leads to fluid retention and bloating. To reduce the salt in your diet, avoid ready meals and flavor your homemade meals using spices and seasonings.

3. Find healthy ways to satisfy your craving for sweets

12 + 1 tips to feel better with your body from tomorrow

Avoid sweets that have sour cream, whipped cream or chocolate and choose fresh or dried fruit with yogurt and honey, dessert or a crayon.

4. Drink more fluids

Adequate fluid intake strengthens your body's natural detoxification mechanisms. So make sure you drink plenty of water, juices of fresh fruits and vegetables or natural decoctions, without added sugar, such as chamomile, tea, mint, sage, etc. To make water consumption more. Interesting, you can immerse pieces of fruit, vegetables and herbs in a jug of water.

Bonus tip:

Lemon water can really make a difference when used as a substitute for sugary drinks. In fact, you can enjoy ice-cold carbonated water with lemon, to satisfy your desire for a soft drink.

5. Take stretching breaks

Especially if you work at a computer, try to take a short break every hour, even for five minutes, to stretch and move. Stretching will help you fight grip, relax your body and mind and reduce the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

6. Increase your physical activity

12 + 1 tips to feel better with your body from tomorrow

Exercise is one of the best ways to sweat, burn calories and gain more energy. Find a workout that you enjoy or go out for a brisk walk .

7. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol fills your body with toxins, dehydrates you and loads you with calories without satiating you. So avoid consuming it.

8. Do not skip meals

When you feel bloated or guilty of all those fattening treats you've eaten in the past few days, you may think you need to limit your food intake as much as possible. However, this is not a smart tactic, as it increases the chances of getting overeating again. Aim for small, frequent meals and focus on eating lean protein, fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. Small and frequent meals keep your metabolism active, prevent overeating and allow you to digest better.

9. Reduce red meat consumption

Limit red meat (beef, pork, lamb, goat) and focus on eating lean protein, such as fish and chicken, legumes and oily foods.

10. Eat more fiber

Fiber helps increase bowel motility and therefore helps reduce bloating and weight gain. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, oats, nuts, cereals and whole grains are high in fiber.

11. Make homemade vegetable soups

Steamed soups can be “pulled” when it is cold, but this season you can prefer the cold version. Soups offer you many valuable ingredients, hydrate your body and at the same time have few calories. A vegetable soup is the lightest soup choice, since if it does not have much oil it does not exceed 250 calories per serving.

12. Choose a light dinner

By choosing a light dinner you will be able to satiate yourself without burdening your body with unnecessary calories or degrading the quality of your sleep. A great salad, yogurt with fruit and oats and vegetable sticks with cottage cheese are some good choices.

13. Get enough sleep

Adequate and good quality sleep has been linked to improved weight loss ability, reduced cortisol and stress levels and improved overall health. So make sure you close the shutters and windows, so as not to be interrupted by light and noise from outside, and sleep for 8-9 hours.

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