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12 plus 7 new hospitals are coming to Cyprus

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“Booming” in the health sector, with investment giving and taking for new “projects”

Ερχονται 12 συν 7 νΕα νοσ ηλευτorρια στην Κyπρο

Ερχονται 12 συν 7 ν

By Panagiotis Rougalas

Investors have turned their attention to the health sector in Cyprus. Based on the records, from 2021 until today there are 12 new private hospitals that are in the process of establishing/operating license in Cyprus, some of which have secured establishment license and are in the process of securing operating license. At the same time, however, in the health sector, existing investors who are already active in the health sector in Cyprus are also paying attention, since as “K” is informed, there are also seven existing private hospitals in the process for a license to establish/operate, which will make conversions/extensions.

As can be seen, the implementation of the General Health System (GHS) which began to be implemented on June 1, 2019, with the provision of out-of-hospital health care, covering services from personal doctors, medical specialists, medicines and Laboratory Tests. The second and final phase of implementation of the NHS from June 1, 2020 increased investment interest even more, since it included all other health care services, i.e. inpatient health care, health care from other health professionals (clinical dieticians, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists and clinical psychologists), nurses and midwives, the Accident Departments & Emergency Services, ambulance services, dentists, palliative care and medical rehabilitation.

Changes made since 2019 in legislation have opened up investment appetite, with the sector of health in Cyprus to lay the foundations for significant upgrades.

The changes that have been made since 2019 in the legislation have opened the investors' appetite (investment appetite), with the health sector in Cyprus laying the groundwork for significant upgrades of a quantitative, but above all, qualitative nature. In the last three years we have seen a lot of mobility in the health sector, with acquisitions of existing ones which by extension also brought conversions/upgrades. More recently, the acquisition of Polyclinic Hygeia in Limassol by ECM Partners, where they have given the management to Athens Medical Group. One of the announced hospital developments is the one that has been made public, the AHEPA University Hospital that will take place in Nicosia and will be in full collaboration with the University General Hospital of Thessaloniki “AHEPA”. Hellenic Healthcare Holding Single Member S.A. of the – now well-known – investment fund CVC Capital, acquired in this three-year period Apollonion, Aretaiio, while its latest acquisition is shares in a radiology services company, Gialletto Ltd.

54% in private

Until the year 2019, due to a lack of data for the private sector, data and Health and Hospital Statistics were mainly limited to the public sector. The data available for the private sector were the number of doctors, dentists, nurses, clinics, beds, as well as the number of discharged patients, hospital days, etc. From 2020, however, with the implementation of the NHS, the available data was further extended to the private sector. The latest available figures concern 2021, but they show the picture of why investors are interested in private investments in Cyprus.

As reported by the Statistical Service, in 2021 89,357 discharges were given to inpatients, i.e. to patients who stayed in a hospital for at least one night. Of these discharges, 46% concerned the hospitals of the State Health Services Organization (OKYpY), while 54% concerned private hospitals contracted with the NHS. The largest number of inpatient discharges was given by the specialty of obstetrics-gynecology with a rate of 15.7%, followed by the specialties of general surgery with a rate of 14.9%, pathology with 12.1%, cardiology with 11.4% and orthopedics with 9.1%.

7.2 million visits

During 2021, 231,109 discharges were given to day patients, i.e. patients admitted to a hospital, treated and discharged on the same day. Of these discharges, 62.7% concerned OKYpY hospitals, while 37.3% concerned private hospitals contracted with the National Health Service. Regarding discharges by doctor's specialty, the largest percentage (50.1%) is the specialty of nephrology, followed by pathological oncology with a percentage of 14.5% and Hematology with 7.5%.

In 2021, there were 7,202,579 outpatient visits, compared to 6,016,478 in 2020, an increase of 19.7%. Of the total number of visits made in 2021, 951,872 (percentage 13.2%) were made to the outpatient clinics of hospitals and health centers affiliated to the OKYpY and 6,250,707 (percentage 86.8%) to contracted private sector doctors with GeSY. The corresponding percentages for 2020 were 16.3% and 83.7%. Regarding the medical care provider, of the visits of outpatients to personal doctors, 14.3% concerned visits made to hospitals and health centers of OKYPY, while the remaining 85.7% to private doctors who are contracted to the NHS . The corresponding percentages for 2020 were 16.8% and 83.2%. Of the outpatient visits to specialist doctors, 12.3% concerned visits made to OKYpY hospitals and health centers, while the remaining 87.7% to private doctors contracted with the NHS. The corresponding percentages for 2020 were 15.9% and 84.1%.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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