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14 arrests in Dekelia BB for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

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14 συλλorψειστ ις ΒΒ Δεκeλειας για οδorγηση υπo τ&eta ;ν επorρεια ναρκωτικoν or αλκοoλ

A total of 14 arrests were made by the British Decelia Bases Police in October, related to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

In a statement from the British Bases it is stated that "the specific statistics have led to increased Police patrols in "hot spot" areas. within the Bases».

As Police Director Panikos Panagi said, “this reckless behavior will simply not be tolerated by the Police of the Bases.” Those arrested are between the ages of 20 and 25, an alarming statistic that shows that despite the efforts of the authorities, young drivers are ignoring the advice they have been given.

This, he continued, "is extremely serious and very disturbing. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or both, is simply not tolerated. he said and added that "Bases Police have made every effort to inform and comply with young drivers about the dangers of these actions, but it seems that the message has not yet gotten through to some".

The announcement also mentions that Police Officer Panagi sent the message to the violators that “if you are caught, you will be prosecuted according to the law and do not expect any leniency.” Driving in this condition puts lives at risk and can destroy families, which we cannot let happen.

It adds that 'driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol are two of the most common reasons for traffic fatalities. The other three, speeding, not wearing a seat belt and driving without a helmet, make up what police call the "Fatal 5" (5 causes of fatal accidents).

Mr. Panagi noted that "dealing with these concerns will always remain at the top of the police's priorities. We must continue to address the "Fatal 5" breaches. he said and added that "if people ignore these laws, then lives can be lost and this is completely preventable".

He also stated that "the Police are committed to protecting our community and he is the reason why police patrols will continue and offenders will be arrested and prosecuted».

It is noted that «the penalty for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is severe, with huge fines, disqualification driving and even prison terms for some».

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