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16 + 1 PEP that gave explanations before the publication of the Giorkatzi List

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16 + 1 PEP that gave explanations before the publication of the Giorkatzi List

Without particular surprises or provocation of a political earthquake, the list of Giorkatzi concerning the Non-performing Loans of Politically Exposed Persons or persons associated with them was made public through the minutes of the plenary session of the Parliament.

The decision to publish the Giorkatzi list was taken, for the 3rd time by the plenary, after a vote with 47 votes in favor, Zacharias Koulias of DIKO to vote against and the non-participation of the parliamentary group of EDEK. A copy of the list was received by those Members who wished to do so, after the end of the voting.

It is worth noting that this list includes more than four thousand registrations of legal entities and individuals and is made public as it was delivered by Chrystalla Giorkatzi, former Governor of the Central Bank to the former Speaker of Parliament in April 2019, without elaboration, intervention or data removal. Therefore, the data refer to 2019 or previous years, with the possibility that many of them do not reflect the true picture today.

Already, several active politicians, who have been included in the Giorkatzi List in the past, have given explanations for their inclusion by publishing their financial data.


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DISY MP Andreas Kyprianou attributes the inclusion of his name in the famous Giorkatzi List to an error or synonym .

In a statement last July, Mr. Kyprianou expressed his surprise by claiming that one loan, with a balance of 44,000 euros, is not his.

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For a second loan, Mr. Kyprianou explains that there is no overdue installment. “Therefore, my name should not be on the list of non-performing loans and for this I reserve all my legal rights,” said the DISY MP.

DISY MP, Zacharias Zachariou, whose name is included, publicly assured that his loan is serviced and has prepaid installments until 2024, while it expires in 2026.

In his statements regarding the list of Giorkatzi, Mr. Zachariou wondered since his loan is not non-performing, because he is on the list of non-performing loans, to note that the specific loan was made in 2016 for 60,000 euros and has prepaid installments until 2024.

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He further explained that the specific loan “was a combination of various small accounts, with guarantees and mortgages”, while he noted that “it has an interest rate of 3.6% and its installment is € 628 per month”.

“The rest,” he added, “is currently € 12,972. If we do a simple mathematical operation you will certify what I said before that it is prepaid installments until 2024 “.


Answers for the inclusion of her name in the Giorkatzi List were given many months ago by the AKEL MP Skevi Koukouma , who clarified that these are loans of her late father. She gave detailed explanations in seven points as follows:

    The existence in my name of an agricultural loan of my late father is registered in my statement for Pothen Esches which is published and posted on the page of the Parliament. In addition, I had informed about the existence of the loan in a letter to the Speaker of Parliament, as provided by the relevant Rules. It is obvious that I could not in any case benefit from the legislation for MES voted by the Parliament, since they concerned the protection of first residence and professional housing, while the loan that concerns me is agricultural. The loan of 310,000 thousand euros has always been and is fully secured with mortgaged agricultural land of greater value than the loan. As I informed in a public statement last year, since 2016 we have submitted together with my brothers, a proposal to the Cooperative Bank to repay all the loans of my now deceased father, on terms that would be more favorable for the Cooperation than the relevant provision legislation. No favorable treatment was requested or granted. However, the Cooperative CB never gave any answer. I contacted the Auditor General to show me how to manage the NIS and the possibility of illegal over-indebtedness. The Auditor General referred me to the Financial Commissioner with a suggestion that I follow his findings. In the report of the Financial Commissioner dated 28 December 2019, it is documented that illegal over-indebtedness of 162 thousand euros was imposed on the loan. At the same time, the Commissioner referred the case to the Attorney General to consider whether over-indebtedness constitutes a criminal offense. On the basis of the Report of the Financial Commissioner, I applied for the restructuring of the loan, which has been completed, and we started the repayment process. Not a single cent of the legal debt was written off and I never asked for it to be written off.

“The Giorkatzi List operates as a laundromat for the big bankers and the really corrupt ones,” AKEL MP Aristos Damianou , whose name is mentioned – “wrongly and misleading”, said in a written statement, according to him, in the famous Giorkati List.

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For his part, Mr. Damianou clarified that his inclusion in the Giorkatzi list is something wrong and misleading, analyzing the reasons as follows:

    All personal and family loans approaching € 500000 were and are being serviced and I have made them public in accordance with the current legislation for Pothen Esches. The list does indeed include a non-performing loan, but which I have nothing to do with, since it concerns a loan from a legal entity owned by former fellow lawyers, foreign to me since 2013 , who took full responsibility as first debtors – to the credit institution's knowledge – and I was released in writing from any responsibility as a guarantor. I informed about this loan a long time ago in writing and with the necessary certificates of discharge as a guarantor – as I should – of the Speaker of Parliament, due to my capacity as a member of the Finance Committee, which I also publish. The other – direct or indirect – reports on my face concern a card and an account with a limit that were issued long before I was elected Member of Parliament, in 2007-8 and have long since closed as paid . Due to the bank's omission, the card brought a debit note for bank charges of € 19, an amount which I hurried to repay as soon as I was informed (attached). Apparently by mistake the List also includes an active current account of a small family overdraft of € 3000, which at the moment had a debit balance / excess of € 109. These are obviously not non-performing loans for those who have basic knowledge or insight. It is obvious that the so-called Giorkatzi list is a monument of sloppiness and expediency. It reflects the way in which the banking institutions were subject to improper supervision by the Central Bank. A finding recorded in the unanimous Report of the Parliament on the banking scandal, which still goes unpunished. Leveling, deliberate deportation and cannibalism to the detriment of respectable and honest people is a reprehensible and dangerous act as it serves as a washing machine for the really corrupt and entangled. And there are such in politics as well. It leads to the degeneration of public life and to the emergence as the only incorruptible of all kinds of populists. Unfortunately, we live and work in a state where entanglement, conflict of interest and corruption reach even the highest echelons of power, seriously undermining good administration, intensifying the devaluation and undermining the very quality of our Republic. That is why the citizens are justifiably angry and indignant. Personally, I can look citizens in the eye and say bluntly that nothing and nothing has ever been given to me in my life. Neither by bankers nor by businessmen. No houses, no cars, no travel, no debts, no loans. I wish all those who participate in the commons and exercise power could say the same “.

AKEL MP Costas Costa was included for exceeding two credit cards , according to an announcement by ton last July.

Costas Costa claims that it was found that he is on the list for the total amount of 1,292 euros and 91 cents, which concerns excesses on two credit cards.

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“I am making this statement to clarify exactly why my name was found on this list and for the public to know since I have nothing to hide,” he notes.

The name of AKEL MEP, George Georgiou, was included in the list of Giorkatzis for a “perfectly serviced” loan .

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According to an announcement last July, the MEP states categorically that the loan is fully serviced and asks that the illegal cases come to light.


Christiana Erotokritou of DIKO declares surprise for the inclusion of her name in the list of MES of Bank of Cyprus, stating categorically that she has never had or still has MES. He even published a certificate from the Bank of Cyprus, which he is expected to submit to Parliament. She also points out that she will demand that the incident be investigated, exercising all her legal rights.

Ch. Erotokritou furious: I never had MES – What does Giorkatzi say about the list

“I was surprised to learn that my name is included in the list of MES of Bank of Cyprus, for a balance of 3,611 euros and 62 cents. I state unequivocally and unequivocally that I have never had and still do not have MES. “I publish a certificate of the Bank of Cyprus about this, which I will submit to the Parliament”, he notes.

“The amount of 3,611 euros and 62 cents was the balance of my credit card (with a credit limit of 17,500 euros), on 31.12.2018, which I paid normally on the repayment date as I do every month,” he explains.

He adds: “The inclusion of his name in the list of Giorkatzi, obviously wrong, reasonably leads to the conclusion that, among errors and inaccuracies, real cases of MES can be hidden, amounting to even millions of euros. “Something that serves neither transparency nor public life.”

P. Leonidou also declares surprise for Giorkatzi List

After Christiana Erotokritou, the Parliamentary Representative of DIKO, Panikos Leonidou , also expresses surprise for the inclusion of his name in the “Giorkatzi List”. It publishes a relevant certificate of the bank, which, as it states, will be submitted to the Parliament together with the relevant statements of accounts, which clearly shows that all the installments are paid uninterruptedly throughout the duration of the loan.

DIKO MP Zacharias Koulias , who was the only one who opposed the publication of it in yesterday's vote in Parliament, indicated during his speech that by publishing the list, which he characterized as illegal, the Parliament enters important adventures . If today, he added, I have MES, it is due to the over-indebtedness of the banks and the practices of those that led the country to bankruptcy, while he said that for the excessive favor to the banks, apart from the state, the Parliament also has responsibilities with the laws it enacted. He also said that according to the Central Bank Governor, the Giorkatzi list is illegal since the disclosure of this information is not compatible with the obligations of Cyprus to the European Central Bank. Her announcement, she said, is a black day for the House of Representatives, she said.


“I was surprised to see my name included in the list of Giorkatzi, for the loan, which I have with my wife and which I state categorically that it was never non-performing,” the EDEK MP hastened to clarify in an announcement last July . Elias Myrianthous.

He also points out that “I also mention this loan in my statement for Pothen Esches in Parliament, which is published and anyone who wants to study it can.”

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The President of EDEK, Marinos Sizopoulos, in his statements from the plenary session regarding his inclusion in the List, stated that there is no justification for a Central Executive Officer, or Governor, or office or other staff, not to be able to understand the difference between a non- serviced loan and to the debit balance of a credit card as was my case and to be put on this list. Or the case of his colleague Elias of Myrianthos, where in fact his loan was serviced from the first moment and in many cases there was an advance payment of the installments to be included in the list as a non-performing loan “, said the president of EDEK.

EDEK MP Kostis Efstathiou from the floor of Parliament clarified that he is mentioned in the list since he was a co-borrower in a loan that belonged to a close relative in 2015 and was not served. However, he said, the loan was repaid in full today through the sale of real estate and cash. At the same time, she stated that the Parliament knowingly violates the law on credit institutions by publishing the list and the relevant articles provide for sentences of up to 5 years in prison and a fine of one million. He added that the Parliament violates the law and is unharmed due to the immunity of the deputies. He wondered how to fight corruption and entanglement by breaking the law.


The president of the Movement of Ecologists-Citizens' Cooperation, Charalambos Theopemptou, expressed surprise for his inclusion in the famous Giorkatzi List . According to him, in an announcement last July, it was a confusion with a loan of his dying wife, in which he was a guarantor.

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According to Mr. Theopemptou, the loan was accompanied by life insurance, however the sale of the Co-operation caused difficulties in securing the balance after the death of his wife.


George Papadopoulos in his announcement last July that, after a surprise, he was informed that one of the companies, of which I am a shareholder, is included in the list of Giorkatzi. “I present an official letter from the Bank that this company does not have a single non-performing loan, that we have never been given any amount, not even a single cent”, he concluded.

“The loans mentioned in the Giorkatzi list are served consistently and the numbers listed in the Giorkatzi list do not correspond to today's reality”, said in a written statement last year, the former AKEL MP, Christakis Tziovanis .

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The name of the Minister of Transport, Giannis Karousou, is also included in the Giorkatzi List. According to a post by him, he was informed by a journalist about the inclusion of his name, however he does not know details. He categorically states that there is no loan from a credit institution to him.

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A few days ago, the Ambassador of Cyprus to Greece, Kyriakos Kenevezos , made public the bank loans he maintains, noting that those in public life, and especially in positions of responsibility, must serve the principle of transparency without discounts.

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In his statement, Mr. Kenevezos notes that “those who are in public life and especially in positions of responsibility must serve and protect the principle of transparency, without any discount” and adds that “in view of the general debate on the financial data of public persons, and because we are all accountable to the citizens “, publishes my exact, real and updated relationship with the banking institutions, with the last reference date of 30/11/2020.

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