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2023 Zero Waste HoReCa Champions Awards: The 20 awarded businesses

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2023 Zero Waste HoReCa Champions Awards: Οι 20 βραβευθεσ ες επιχειρorσεις

A successful business can coexist with sustainability, Environment Commissioner Antonia Theodosiou said on Friday in her welcome at the official award ceremony of the “2023 Zero Waste HoReCa Champions Awards”.

She said also that the global environmental crisis requires environmental awareness, consolidation of good habits, implementation of innovative practices, cooperation and commitment from everyone. for the sustainable operation of the tourist industryof Cyprus was organized by the AKTI Center for Studies and Research with the support of the Coca-Cola Foundation under the auspices of the Office of the Environment Commissioner.

In her greeting, Mrs. Theodosiou mentioned that in a period in which the challenges of climate change are becoming more and more critical and its effects affect the environment, the economy, human health, society, the importance of initiatives such as the “Zero Waste HoReCa Champions Awards” Competition cannot fail to be recognized.< /p>

He underlined that the tourism sector and hospitality and catering businesses play a leading role in the economy, society and business world of Cyprus through the food services they offer, the possibility of recreation and social interaction.

However, he continued, their activity also has serious effects on the environment and the well-being of citizens.

Mrs. Theodosiou mentioned that the distinguished companies in the competition are rewarded for the road they have already traveled towards zero waste and for other actions to minimize their environmental footprint, through reducing waste production, saving energy and water and changing the terms of supply for a green supply chain.

He noted that these actions prove, at the same time, that a successful business and sustainability can coexist and grow.

Mrs. Theodosiou congratulated the companies that were distinguished as well as the contributors to the competition and the award, the AKTI Center for Studies and Research, with the cooperation of the Coca-Cola Foundation.

“The Office Commissioner for the Environment and I personally will be a helper and companion in every initiative and action aimed at small or large changes to protect the environment that will benefit all of us, society and our planet “, concluded the Commissioner.

According to a press release from the AKTI Center for Studies and Research, 20 small tourism businesses were awarded for their proposals on how to introduce best practices or infrastructure in their operations.  

It is noted that each award-winning company was granted a grant of 500 euros, which will be used for the implementation of their innovative proposals.

It is added that the 20 winners managed to stand out among to the 216 members of the Zero Waste HoReCa Network.

Goal of Zero Waste HoReCais to bring the tourism industry of Cyprus one step closer to the green transition, with the results already impressive from the first year of implementation of the program. Environmental impact, sustainability, innovation and social responsibility are the main criteria that highlighted the awarded companies, it states.

It is noted that the President of the Board of the AKTI Center for Studies and Research, Dr. Xenia Loizidou, stated that “AKTI is very proud of today's awarding of 20 small businesses in the tourism sector of Cyprus and for their proposals towards the green transition. The actions of these businesses give us hope for the consolidation of the need to move the tourism industry of Cyprus towards sustainability”, he said, and pointed out that sustainability is not a theory but the result of applied practices and actions.

The 20 awarded businesses are the following:

Mairko, Nicosia. Award Category: Water Management

Omni Eats, Nicosia. Award categories: Waste Management, Public Green Contracts/Supply Chain

Grape by the Sea, Kato Pyrgos, Nicosia. Award category: Water Management.

Klimataria-Beach Bar Resto, Kato Pyrgos, Nicosia. Award categories: Water Management/Green Public Procurement/Supply Chain.

Two flowers, Pedoulas, Nicosia. Award categories: Energy Saving/Waste Management/Green Public Procurement.

The River, Kambi, Nicosia. Award Category: Energy Saving.

The Royal Goat Farm, Paleometocho, Nicosia. Award category: Water Management.

Charalambos Holiday Cottage, Kalavasos, Larnaca. Award category: Waste Management.

Amygdalies, Vavla, Nicosia. Award category: Energy Saving.

Laboratory of Traditional Flavors (Giorgoulas), Koili, Paphos Award categories: Energy Saving/Waste Management/Green Public Contracts.

Courtyard of Nefeli, Paphos. Award categories: Water Management/Waste Management.

Mylari Bistro Tavern, Kritou Tera, Paphos. Award categories: Water Management/Waste Management.

The Tremythas of Simou, Simou, Paphos. Award categories: Waste Management.

Spring Of Life Forever, Amargeti, Paphos. Award category: Energy Saving.

Campo de' Fiori, Paphos. Award categories: Energy Saving/Waste Management.

Mastros Dora Tavern, Limassol. Award categories: Waste Management/Energy Saving.

CyHerbia, Avgorou, Famagusta. Award category: Energy Saving.

Old Simos Tavern, Sotira, Famagusta. Award category: Waste Management.

Proaulio Tavern, Chapel, Limassol. Award Category: Water Management.

Elysian Plant Based Kitchen Bar, Nicosia. Award categories: Waste Management/Green Public Procurement/Supply Chain.

Source: www.philenews.com

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