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22/2/22: The power behind this unique date – What the numerologists say

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Not only is this a unique date, as we are not going to see it again in our calendars, but it also contains a force that only optimism can fill us with. Today, 22/2/22 is a day dedicated to connection, closeness, sociability, empathy. It's like a universal response to the lack of human contact we experienced in the midst of the pandemic crisis, which cost us dearly.

“Two is the number of intuition, observation and relationships,” says numerologist Jasmine Wolf. If you look back to 2/2/22 earlier this month – a date also full of energy – you may find collaborations and relationships that were either created or strengthened that day.

But today, one could say that the power of 2 is growing even greater. It reflects our human need for cooperation and teamwork, according to numerologist Joanna Augusta. “This is a wonderful day to think about how we communicate with our loved ones and to seek to keep an open heart,” he says. This month's most popular wedding day, according to e-commerce wedding platform Zola – which means a lot, as Tuesdays are historically the least popular wedding day of the week.

According to numerator Jesse Calci, “this day is the best for actions that enhance the love you feel for your partner.” In addition, it can be used in other activities, even professional or social. The date can be the occasion to highlight our deep-rooted desire for balance and harmony with others. “Sensitivity and empathy may be more apparent today, suggesting that you could be more aware of the need to change your relationship habits,” says the expert.

For example, in a partnership, this positive change could be as simple as putting aside resentment and apologizing for a mistake. For those who are in a relationship, it is the right date to cause a new “spark”, while for those who have not found their match it is a day when the universe can actually conspire in their favor, with a new acquaintance or a successful first appointment.

However, the date 22/2/22 has nothing to do exclusively with relationships, whether romantic or not. According to experts, the number “22” is related to the ability to “build” something bigger than yourself. That is, it has to do with what we can “build” together when we work in a team.

This atmosphere of teamwork could create an opportunity for progress after two years of relative stagnation, says Kalsi, adding: “Business can be set in motion once again and solutions to difficult dilemmas could become more clear this day “.

If you analyze the full date, 22/2/2022, numerically, adding all the numbers together until you come up with a single digit, you will find another optimistic perspective. The final number is three (2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 12, 1 + 2 = 3), which is related to the beneficial planet Jupiter and all its expansive energy, says Kalsi. “Like Jupiter, the number three reflects spirituality, higher education and a sense of charity,” he says. -what, as Wolf says, is where the true meaning of the date 22/2/22 lies: “This is a day that can help us move forward as a global community, let us hope even closer to a solution that can to benefit us all “.

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