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23-year-old man in prison for 9 years – Brought 13 kg of cannabis to Cyprus (PHOTO)

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Στη φυλακor γι α 9 χρόνια 23χρονος - Εφερε στην Κyπρο 13 κιλα κανναβη (ΦΩΤΟ)

Today, the Permanent Criminal Court of Larnaca imposed a nine-year prison sentence on a 23-year-old man, following a drug-trafficking case. The 23-year-old was arrested by members of the Police last November, at Larnaca Airport, where he had arrived from abroad, carrying around 13 kilograms of cannabis in his luggage.

On November 1, 2022 specifically, around 2.00 in the afternoon, members of the Drug Enforcement Agency – YKAN, in collaboration with officers of the Customs Department, found in the possession of the 23-year-old, who arrived at Larnaca Airport from a foreign country, a piece of luggage, which contained four nylon bags, inside which there was a quantity of dry cannabis plant material weighing a total of 13 kg approx. The 23-year-old was arrested for the initial offenses of illegal importation, possession and possession of drugs for the purpose of supply to other persons and was taken into custody for the purpose of investigating the case.

Upon completion of the police examinations, the Police immediately registered the case for immediate trial before the Permanent Criminal Court of Larnaca. The Permanent Criminal Court examined the testimony presented before it by the Prosecuting Authority and after finding the 23-year-old defendant guilty of the crime of illegal possession of drugs for the purpose of supply to other persons, this morning imposed a nine-year prison sentence on him. The prison sentence is effective from November 10, 2022, from which date the 23-year-old was held as an undertrial at the Department of Prisons for purposes of adjudicating the case.

  The case was investigated by the YKAN Echelon in Larnaca.

Σ&tau ;η φυλακor για 9 χρoνια 23χρονος - Εφερ ε στην Κyπρο 13 κιλΑ κανναβη (ΦΩΤΟ)

Στη φ&upsilon ;λακor για 9 χρoνια 23χρονος - Eφερε στ ην Κύπρο 13 κιλΕ κΕνναβη (ΦΩΤΟ)

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