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24h.com.cy CONFIRMATION: The GrandResort hotel has been acquired!

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ΕΠΙΒΕΒΑΙΩΣ&Eta ; 24h.com.cy: Εξαγοραστηκε το ξενοδοχεΙ&omicron ? GrandResort!

Two months ago our website revealed to you about the acquisition of the prestigious Limassol hotel GrandResort by the Fattal Hotel Group which has become a major player in the local leisure accommodation scene since it made its first appearance in Cyprus in 2017.
Despite pressure from the owners at the time to remove the article under the pretext of not upsetting the staff, the confirmation came in the best way as the GrandResort is the latest acquisition of the Fattal Hotel group.

Speaking to CBN,and to journalist Athina Yazou, about some of the Group's plans for the future, Roni Aloni, Managing Director, Mediterranean Region of Fattal Hotel Group, appears excited about the many projects that are either already underway or about to start soon.

He also shared the wider vision and strategy of the Group, which includes the promotion of Cyprus as a tourist destination for the whole year. At Group level, it aims to empower staff to develop their professional potential.

Regarding the newest addition, Mr. Aloni mentioned that the GrandResort will remain as is until the end of the season.

ΕΠΙΒΕΒΑΙΩΣΗ 24h.com.cy: Εξαγοραστηκε το ξενοδοχεο GrandResort!

“We will study the hotel, its needs, the needs of the customers, we will study the competition and, by the end of October, we will close the hotel to renovate it and it will reopen next season,” he clarified.

He revealed that the hotel will operate around the clock with an emphasis on hosting conferences. With a banquet hall that can already accommodate more than 1,000 people, the hotel also has facilities that would make it ideal for conferences, Mr. Aloni noted, while pointing to the fact that it is in a picturesque seaside location, which is sure to participants will enjoy.

“We plan this hotel to be part of our Limited Edition Collection by Fattal Leonardo Hotels, a special unique branded hotel. We have only very few across Europe and these offer particularly high levels of service,” said Aloni.

He noted that the Fattal Hotel Group is still awaiting final approval from the Commission for the Protection of Competition, but does not expect problems. “We respect this country and we respect the Commission, we are just waiting for their approval as soon as possible and we will make the final deal,” he said.

Mr. Aloni emphasized that he is looking forward to welcoming GrandResort staff to the Fattal Hotel Group family, noting that approximately 85% of the staff who were at the beginning of the Group in Cyprus are still employed by the company.

Impressive start

Returning to the start of Fattal Hotel Group's journey in Cyprus and its broader strategy, Mr. Aloni indicated that “we came here in 2017, we bought three hotels in Paphos. Back then, these amounted to 730 rooms, and in less than two years, we completely renovated the three hotels and added almost 400 rooms. So those 730 rooms became 1100.”

He added that the three different hotels had been created with three different rationales under the Leonardo Hotels brand. Leonardo Hotels was founded in 2007 as the European arm of the Fattal Hotel Group.

Leonardo Plaza Cypria Maris Beach Hotel & Spa

“Leonardo Plaza Cypria Maris Beach Hotel & Spa is an adults only hotel. And, inside the hotel, we built the concept of 'dining around'. Although it is an all-inclusive hotel, it offers the possibility to eat at five different restaurants,” explained Mr. Aloni.

24h com.cy: Εξαγοραστηκε το ξενοδοχεiο GrandResort! ” />

He went on to note that the hotel also has two indoor pools. One is a regular indoor pool, while the other is a “tranquility” pool, connected to the hotel's spa, offering unique salt and sulfur treatments, among other services.

“We've also added some other elements,” continued Mr. Aloni, “we've got some swim-up rooms and we've created pool suites. We completely renovated the hotel and turned it into something completely different.”

He noted that although it offers five-star service, a decision was made to retain the hotel's superior four-star rating for marketing reasons. “We planned to keep the hotel open all year round and we are happy that we made the decision,” he continued, adding that this was an example of Fattal Hotel Group's contribution to making Cyprus a year-round destination for foreign visitors.

Leonardo Cypria Bay

The second hotel in Paphos is the family-run Leonardo Cypria Bay Hotel, Mr. Aloni continued, noting that the property had been completely renovated and made family-friendly with the addition of children's facilities, including a kids' club. The hotel has also become known for its entertainment team and dining options.

ΕΠΙΒΕΒΑΙΩΣΗ 24h.com.cy: Εξαγοραστ ηκε το ξενοδοχεiο GrandResort!

Leonardo Laura Beach & Splash Resort

The third hotel is the Leonardo Laura Beach & Splash Resort. “We completely renovated the hotel. We built a cinema, a spa and four different bars,” noted Mr Aloni. In addition to a bar dedicated to evening entertainment, the hotel also has five restaurants, including a Lebanese restaurant that opened this year, while the other four offer Italian cuisine, Greek and Cypriot dishes, burger-based meals aimed at the younger members of the families, as well as the main dining facilities, respectively.

“We also completely renovated the waterpark,” revealed Mr. Aloni, adding that the hotel is also working with the municipality and the state to create a new, better beach.

“We see huge potential in this hotel and, I am pleased to say, it has become very popular with our Cypriot guests,” he added.

ΕΠΙΒΕΒΑΙΩΣΗ 24h.com.cy: Εξα γοραστηκε το ξενοδοχεiο GrandResort!

Leonardo Crystal Cove Hotel & Spa by the Sea

The Fattal Hotel Group has also taken over the management of a brand new property in Protaras, the Leonardo Crystal Cove Hotel & Spa by the Sea for adults only.

“Although the Russian market has suffered in the past year after the war, the hotel is doing very well,” Mr. Aloni noted, noting that it also provided guests with high-quality spa services based on the Leonardo Crystal Cove Hotel's rationale. which is to provide guests with a calm yet romantic atmosphere. The spa is managed by the well-known Aegeo Spas.


Leonardo Boutique Hotel Larnaca

“Then we bought the Samirana Hotel in Larnaca,” continued Mr. Aloni, noting that it has been renamed Leonardo Boutique Hotel Larnaca to reflect the Leonardo Boutique brand.

“The location is great, but we thought we needed to make some changes. We completely renovated the fifth floor. We made two suites on the top floor with a skylight, something incredibly unique with a beautiful view of the sea. We created a business lounge and added some rooms and changed the concept of F&B,” describes Mr. Aloni.

The Fattal Hotel Group also changed the concept of the hotel by bringing high-quality spa services with unique treatments. A special agreement was also made with the coffee chain Second Cup, located in the same area of ​​the famous Finikoudes pedestrian street, to offer visitors a unique coffee experience.

ΕΠΙΒΕΒΑΙΩΣΗ 24h.com.cy: Εξ αγοραστηκε το ξενοδοχεiο GrandResort!

NYX Limassol

Meanwhile, NYX Limassol is due to open soon, offering guests seminar rooms, a rooftop pool, a rooftop bar-restaurant and what Mr Alonni describes as a “unique ground floor bar”.

The NYX brand is inspired by the Greek word for night and is a lifestyle brand with a younger, urban focus.

“This hotel will it has a different atmosphere. There will be music all day with a DJ, and of course a spa,” said Mr Aloni. He emphasized that the location of the hotel is only 500 meters from the marina and 500 meters from the beach, while he also added the attractions and in particular that it is the only hotel in the area.


NYX Hotel

The Group has also operated in Nicosia. The Makarios Avenue building that formerly housed Laiki Bank was demolished to make way for the new 200-room NYX hotel.

Coronavirus temporarily halted operations at the hotel, which, once completed, will also feature a conference center, rooftop garden and rooftop pool, as well as unique dining options.

“I think this will be the new flagship for Nicosia,” said Mr Aloni. “We're bringing something new to the city,” he added, adding that work is expected to start again within the next few months.

Lachi expansion


Also in the portfolio of the Fattal Hotel Group in Cyprus, there is the former Holiday Village Elia Latchi.

“It is in a 60,000 sq.m. plot, where we will completely renovate the old hotel,” said Mr. Aloni, adding that what will be erected in its place will be built in two stages.

“For that, we are planning a Leonardo Club hotel for families, with a water park. It will be a suite hotel for families, so a couple plus two or three children,” Mr Aloni said. Most rooms will have swim-up facilities and there will be plenty of activities for children.

Professional features

As it continues to grow, Fattal Hotel Group is also interested in helping its employees reach their full professional potential. “A good example is the manager of the Leonardo Cypria Bay hotel, who was the food and beverage manager when we first came,” noted Mr Aloni.

He also said that many graduates of the Group's Leonardo Academy are being promoted to higher positions within the company. “Our plan is, over the years, to build the team from a Cypriot base. I believe that Cypriots have enormous potential, their service orientation is very developed and I believe, with the tools we can give them, that we can achieve any goal,” added Mr. Aloni.

While some staffing challenges remain in the hotel sector as a whole post-pandemic, Mr Aloni is convinced that the Group's approach to the way it treats its staff makes it an employer of choice.< /p>

“A lot of workers who used to work in the industry have left the country and accommodation is more expensive now and harder to find, but I think our approach and uniqueness make workers love to come work for us. They see their future with us,” notes Mr. Aloni.

He also pointed out that the Group placed great importance on employee development as well as community involvement, regularly helping vulnerable groups. It is worth noting that the Group also employs one person with special needs for every 100 of its rooms.

Future investments in Cyprus

The Group's emphasis on providing high quality services, which has meanwhile helped it build a very strong reputation in Israel, also helps it to gain an increasingly positive image in Cyprus.

Fattal Hotel Group's experience of doing business in Cyprus was also positive. “Cyprus realizes that tourism is the main source of contribution to the local economy and I would say that the country is very open, helpful and supportive. We spent very good years here”, said Mr. Aloni.

“We see more and more Cypriots coming to our hotels and I think that's great. We have very good communication with the country and we don't just invest. We invest for the country and with the country,” he added.

Ε ΠΙΒΕΒΑΙΩΣΗ 24h.com.cy: Εξαγορστηκε τ ο ξενοδοχεiο GrandResort!

Mr Aloni also revealed that “Mr David Fattal, the founder of the Group and the main shareholder believes in Cyprus, loves the island and his intentions are to continue investing in the country”.

The vision of the company is to become the first choice for all those who value genuine hospitality and have a mission to win the hearts and minds of their visitors. “We achieve this by providing exceptional service, creating unforgettable experiences and constantly challenging the benchmark of hospitality,” he said.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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