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24H/GSP REPORT: WHEN WILL PARKING CHARGES START AND HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? Who is exempt and what applies to Park & ​​Ride

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ΡΕΠΟΡΤΑΖ 24Η/Γ ΣΠ: ΠΟΤΕ ΘΑ ΑΡΧΙΣΟΥΝ ΟΙ ΧΡΕΩΣΕ&Iota ;Σ στο παρκινγκ και πόσα θα κοστΙζ&epsilon ;ι; Ποιοι εξαιρούνται και τι ισχ yει για Park & Ride

The General Manager of GSP, Mr. Foivos Konstantinidis, spoke at 24H, who told us when the charge for parking in the GSP area, the monthly card, what applies to Park & Ride and when it will be completely free to the public.

Fees and parking/When it goes live:

As he pointed out to us, the agreement with the Ministry was approved, where they ended up and will meet within the next week for the procedural and final agreement of the two sides. trash and clutter will incur charges. “They don't respect anything to this day, they come with sandwiches and coffee and throw garbage in the stadium area,” he told 24H. period the public parks there and is estimated to be implemented after January 10, 2024.

It is pointed out that on weekdays the area in front, specifically the southern area, will be closed and there will be a doorman only for athletes, parents, academies and those who work in the area. It will be free for the public on the days when there is a football match.


The monthly card will cost around 15 euros per month. It will be in effect as soon as the bars go in and the public will be able to get it from the GSP. The public will also be able to pay with coins and cards.

Park & Ride

Very encouraging are the comments and results of the Park & Ride. According to Mr. Konstantinidis, it appears from the numbers that they are very encouraging and people are using it, recommending it to others. “You see an upward trend,” he noted to 24H. It is reminded that until the end of December it will be in a trial period, while it will be in normal operation when the bars come in, i.e. after January 10.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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