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3X3 with the… hot duo (vid)

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Ethnikos, with goals from Cabrera and Ilias, prevailed 2-1 against Othellos and achieved its third win in as many matches in the playoffs

3X3 με το... καυτo δδ&upsilon ;μο (vid)

Third consecutive victory for the National team with the “narrow” 2-1 against Othellos in Dasaki of Achnas for the 3rd competitive and exciting play-off game out.

With the usual suspect, Cabrera, Ethnikis opened the scoring in (42'). Othellos temporarily equalized at (45+5') with Korinos and Marios Ilias in the replay (73') from the white bullet making the final score of the match 2-1.

In the 3rd place of the second group and in the 9th place is Ethnikis, which rose to 35 points and moves further away from the danger zone, while Othellos falls to the 7th place and 13th place after the draw in Karmiotissa-AEZ with 17 points.< /strong>

Next game for Ethnikos against Apollon while Othellos will face Karmiotissa.

A half:

The first half started with better omens since only in the 4th minute we had the first big chance for Ethnikos. After a ball from Drazic's right, Marios Ilias got a header but Taudul made the save, the ball finding the post after his unsteady save to collect it before ending up in the net.

The pace slowed for the next 20 minutes or so with both teams holding the ball and moving around without threatening. Othellos made his first final in the 24th minute with Pich. He attempted a long shot but the ball ended up out of bounds.

Ethnikos responded to Othello's chance after five minutes with a double phase. First after balls from the left and Ilias header again, the ball went wide. Two minutes later with Meskinda attempting a shot from outside the area and the far point the ball went wide.

The best phase for Othellos came in the 40th minute with Hatzipashalis attempting a dribble diagonal shot and the ball going wide.

In the 42nd minute, Ethnikis opened the scoring with Cabrera. The striker of Ethniko gave a vertical pass to Dražić, the latter attempted a shot with Toudul initially saying no but Cabrera winning the rebound and writing 1-0 for the home team after Othello's defenders were outnumbered.

In the stoppage time of the first half, Othellos equalized with a header by Korinos after Nardini's turn with the ball hitting the back post and Panagis and Ristevski not having time to clear the ball and in this way the defender of Othellos scored the 1 -1.

This was also the result of the first half.

B half:

The second half started like the first half with a good pace and the National team holding the ball more.

First final for the hosts in the second half happened with Meskinda in the 52nd minute who attempted the shot from the side of the area but ended up on the outside of the Toudul net.

The sequel was not similar for the two teams. Othellos equalized the game but failed to create any chance and Ethnikos managed the game very well until the 70th minute.

After intervention by the VAR and an onfield review, the referee indicated a penalty for the home team with Marios Ilias hitting the target and making it 2-1 in the match.

Marios Ilias missed a big phase in the 85th minute if finish the score. After Lipski's turn in four, with the captain beating Taudoul with his place from inside the area but not Nardini who cleared on the line.

This was also the last phase of the match. . Final result 2-1 victory for the National team.

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National: Panaghi . On the bench: Bogadinov, De Iriodo, Peratikos, Ilia K., Lipsky, Pehlivanis, Nikolaou, Becker, Ioannidis, Lemisco, Christofi, Angelopoulos.

Othello: Taudoul, Stamoulis, Jansen, Nardini, Ramos (Hatzipashalis 37'), Christodoulou(Ioannou 77'), Souto, Katsiatis (Slavik 64'), Anang(Brabiya 77'), Pich, Korinous.

On the bench: Tziakouris, Panagiotou, Mallouris, Kyriakou K. , Brambia, Hatzipashalis, Pailis, Slavik, Kopas, Maisourante, Mitsis, Ioannou.

Scorers: Cabrera 42', Marios Ilias 73'/Korinos 45+5

Yellows: Artimatas/Pich, Korinos

Dismissals: -/-

Referee: Christodoulou Ioannis

VAR: Theuli Chrysovalantis

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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