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4,000-year-old sacred site discovered in Limassol – An ancient femicide at the excavation site

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    A temple created before the temples we know – The body of a murdered woman among the findings of the excavations

    An important archaeological discovery was made in Erimi, near Limassol, by a scientific mission of the university of Siena. More specifically, he managed to bring to light a four-thousand-year-old temple, which was created in a place where a craftsman's workshop was located.

    As archeologist Luca Bobardieri told the Italian news agency Ansa. >, it is “the oldest sacred site that has been discovered, so far on Megalonisos”.

    Bobbardieri is in charge of the excavations, which are being carried out in collaboration with the Antiquities Service of Cyprus and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    As the scientist explained “it is a large room, where a large brazier illuminated, day and night, a large monolith”. It is, essentially, a “temple that was created before the temples we usually know” and which shows us “how complex and rich the life of these people was, who were craftsmen and lived four thousand years before us”.< /p>

    An ancient femicide at the excavation site

    The Italian scientist revealed that “in this last excavation campaign, the skeleton of a girl of about twenty years of age was also found, who, as everything shows, was murdered and then the body was “built up” so that, most likely, the crime would not be discovered.

    Her killers smashed her skull with a sword or a heavy stone and then placed her on the floor, with a heavy stone on her chest. No valuables were found in the surrounding area, which means that the usual ritual was not observed. It is possible, say the Italian scientists, to be an ancient femicide, which may be connected to “punishment”, because the girl had become pregnant.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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