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405 promotion positions in the National Guard

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The Ministry of Defense requested the release of a total of 405 non-commissioned officers from the Parliament in order to proceed with promotions. The 151 positions are for promotions from the rank of post-election and above, while another 254 promotion positions are intended for contract non-commissioned officers. The request of the Ministry of Defense will be examined at a meeting of the Finance Committee of the Parliament that will take place next Monday.

The 151

According to the data submitted to the Parliament by the Ministry of Defense, at this stage the vacancies in the structure of non-commissioned officers of rank of rank and above, which are promotion positions, amount to 30. By 1/12/2022 another 25 positions are expected to be vacated. non-commissioned officers due to reaching the age of compulsory retirement. The request of the Ministry of Defense concerns the release of a total of 151 positions as it included the consequent promotion positions that will arise until 1/12/2022 as follows:

  • Reservist A '- six promotion positions.
  • Reservist B '- 16 promotion positions.
  • Reservist C' – 28 promotion positions.
  • Archilochia – 46 promotion positions.
  • Epilochia – 55 promotion positions.

The contractors

There will be many more promotions that the Ministry of Defense will distribute this year to the contracted non-commissioned officers (SYP). Specifically, a request was submitted to the Parliament for an exemption from the ban on filling 254 archilochia positions, in order to carry out corresponding promotions of SYP candidates. The Ministry of Finance, upon submission of a relevant request, informed the Ministry of Defense that it agrees with the promotion of the 254 post-election SYP (scale A7) to archipelagos (scale A8). These promotions will not, at this stage, lead to an increase in the salaries of the affected CAs and consequently there will be no direct financial burden on the budget of the Ministry of Defense for the current year, as the contracted non-promoted officers who will be promoted will lose the special non receive on the basis of the provisions of Regulation 37 of the K.D.P. 429/2017. This Regulation stipulates that, in the event that a CA is promoted to the next grade, the payment of the special monthly allowance is terminated, provided that, in case the salary plus the special monthly allowance before the promotion is higher than the salary immediately after promotion, the bonus will be reduced in such a way that the earnings after the promotion are equal to those before the promotion.

Incentives for the promotions non-commissioned officers and officers in the Armed Forces are required for two main reasons:

First , they help to raise the morale of the staff, who realize that they will have the prospect of advancement. Motivated by the promotions, the officers and non-commissioned officers make every effort both for the combat capability of the Armed Forces and for their further education, such as obtaining degrees, learning foreign languages, postgraduates, etc., as they are taken into account in the promotions. .

Second , the leadership of the formations will be taken over by younger officers with new perceptions and ideas.

714 promotions in 2021

According to the official data obtained from the Ministry of Defense , in the year 2021, a total of 714 promotions were given as follows: 193 promotions of officers, 207 promotions of non-commissioned officers and 314 promotions of contract non-commissioned officers.

In a separate yearbook

In the meantime, the new Regulations recently passed by the Parliament for the non-commissioned officers who face health problems, which are now called “Office NCOs” and have the highest rank of non-commissioned officer B & # 8217; The contracted non-commissioned officers who face health problems are called “Office SYP” and have the highest rank of the rank of non-combatant DG. Based on the new Regulations, a separate yearbook was created for office non-commissioned officers, which includes office non-commissioned officers regardless of branch and body. The same applies to contracted non-commissioned officers.

A non-commissioned officer, as well as a contracted non-commissioned officer, will be able to return to their previous employment status at any time if their health problems are remedied. At the same time, upon their return, their seniority is determined based on the date of acquisition of the degree held and not on the date of declassification that was valid until the adoption of the new Regulations. In case of declassification, the time of administration required for a non-commissioned officer to be judged on the rank held will be both the time of the rank held and the time remaining from the previous ranks, with a maximum of three years in addition to the time of administration for the rank held. For the judgment of contract non-commissioned officers at any rank, the total years of service in the army will be taken into account and not only the years of stay at each rank.

Source: politis.com.cy

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