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5 Dietary Habits That Slow Down Your Metabolism

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5 Dietary Habits That Slow Down Your Metabolism

What mistakes to avoid in your daily diet to keep your metabolism active

Although metabolism is a natural process, it is significantly affected by your lifestyle and dietary choices. So in order to be able to lose weight easily and keep your weight steady, avoid the following dietary mistakes that tend to reduce your metabolism.

5 Dietary Habits That Slow Down Your Metabolism

5 Dietary Habits That Slow Down Your Metabolism

To boost your metabolism, you need to leave the following eating habits behind.

1. Do not eat breakfast

A balanced breakfast is a great way to start your day. As your metabolism slows down during sleep, eating food can activate it and thus help you burn more calories throughout the day. According to Rush University Medical Center, when you eat breakfast, you alert your body that there are enough calories for the day, while when you skip breakfast, the message your body gets is that it needs to maintain – not burn – the calories you give him next.

2. You choose the wrong foods in your breakfast

As you can see, it is not enough to just eat something in the morning and certainly a chocolate croissant or a donut are not ideal choices. Make sure your breakfast is high in protein (eg boiled eggs or mushroom omelette) and fiber (eg oatmeal with nuts), and avoid the sugar hidden in many commercial cereals.

3. You do not get enough protein

A diet high in protein enhances fat loss, increasing thermogenesis and satiety. Thermogenesis refers to the energy expenditure required for the digestion of nutrients. In the process of digestion, protein increases energy expenditure more than fats and carbohydrates. Also, the protein in every meal will help you “build” and maintain your muscles. You do not need to follow protein diets, but it is good that 15-20% of your daily calories come from low-fat protein sources, such as lean cheese, canned tuna, egg, unsalted nuts.

4. Skip meals

By drastically reducing your calorie intake, you can confuse your body and as a result your metabolism will decrease and you will burn fewer calories than before. That is why it is important to organize your meals of the day and to supply your body with the necessary energy. This way, you will be able to burn calories efficiently and without your stomach churning.

5. Forget to drink water

It may have become a cliché, but adequate hydration is one of the basic conditions for your body to function properly and your metabolism. Even if you are slightly dehydrated, your metabolism may be reduced. Depending on gender, age, physical activity and ambient temperature, the body's water needs vary. However, the general recommendation for adequate daily fluid intake is 2 liters for women and 2.5 liters for men. So do not forget to refill your hermit crab!

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