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5 restaurants for cook and soup on the night of the Resurrection

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The following hangouts cook it to perfection!

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On Holy Saturday after the Resurrection, the family usually gathers around the table, cracks red eggs and eats steamed stew or egg-lemon soup. The cook has its roots in the Jewish Passover and the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. It is said that that night the Jews ate lamb with unleavened bread and bitter herbs.

It is traditionally made from lamb liver, lettuce and many herbs, some add rice, some do not, while many are the ones who cut the egg in the end. Nowadays, the vegetarian cookie is quite popular, which replaces the liver with mushrooms and herbs. Whatever you prefer your cookbook, the following hangouts cook it to perfection!


On Holy Saturday, Syntrofia until 17.00 in the afternoon accepts orders for cooking, for other delicious dishes of the day which can be taken away from the restaurant and enjoyed on the night of the Resurrection.
(22260110) 28th of October 45, Nicosia.


The Dionysus Mansion, the night of the Resurrection after midnight will serve a delicious cook and egg-lemon soup while you will be served homemade flauns, buns and eggs for crunching. (June 16, 1943 Tel. 25222210).

The cosmopolitan Columbia Beach serves seafood soup and wild mushroom soup, among others. (Promachon Eleftherias 6 Ag. Athanasios Tel. 25321500)

The restaurant of the hotel Ajax will serve a cook and egg-lemon soup which will be accompanied by flauns and other traditional dishes. (Geor. ​​Neophytou, Mesa Geitonia Tel.25 590000)


The restaurant Zafeiris in the evening of the Resurrection will serve traditional egg-lemon soup, tripe, trachana, fish soup, mind soup, pors and beef. (Makariou 47 Tel. 24628442)

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