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63% of students who returned to class had a negative test

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63% of students who returned to class had a negative test

An announcement was issued by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth regarding the reopening of Primary Schools and DG of Lyceums and Technical Schools. According to the Ministry, the vast majority of students and all teachers presented with a negative test result.

The announcement in detail:

Today, with the reopening of the primary schools and the DG class of the Lyceum and Technical Secondary Education with physical presence of students, according to the recent decisions for the gradual lifting of restrictions, 52,000 primary school students and 7,000 students were presented in the schools. pupils of the 3rd grade of Lyceums and the 3rd year of Technical Schools.

The attendance of students and teachers was smooth and the lessons were conducted normally. Virtually everyone showed up at the school since 166 absences or 3.1% of the total were recorded among the high school students and technical schools.

All the teachers who were presented today in the schools had undergone a diagnostic test (rapid test) as provided by the relevant Decree. Only eight teachers (five in Primary and three in Secondary Education), out of a total of more than 7,000, refused to provide a competition certificate and were therefore not allowed to remain in school.

In relation to these cases, the Ministry of the Interior will then take the appropriate action. Given the extremely limited extent of this negative behavior, there is no question of the general attitude of teachers. According to the provisions of the relevant Decree, the schools proceed with planning so that from next week, a percentage of 20% of the teachers and other employees at the school will be subjected to a rapid antigen diagnostic test.

It is noteworthy that of the seniors who came to school today, a very large proportion, 63%, had a negative test. It seems that the students have followed the urgings of the Ministry of Education and for this reason we want to congratulate both themselves and their families.

YPPAN in collaboration with the Ministry of Health will organize from next week with teams that will visit schools and additional tests in order to monitor the health situation among the student population.

It is noted that from January 29, 2021, 147 teachers in Primary Education, 56 teachers in Secondary General and another 7 in Secondary Technical Education are absent with sick leave and Special leave for Public Health reasons. In total, less than 3% are absent and have been replaced for the smooth operation of schools. Most of these teachers are absent due to the need for childcare.

The overall picture of this first day is very satisfactory in terms of health safety and shows both the conscientiousness of teachers and children, as well as the proper management by the school administrations.

Within the next period, all the procedures of verification and advisory operation regarding the observance of the Health Protocol will be activated, with the contribution of the inspections and the addresses of the schools, in order to be sure that the schools remain health safe places. In this way they will be able to indulge in their main task, which is education.

In addition, next Thursday, February 11, an online seminar will be held by a member of the Special Committee for psychological support and recovery of citizens against the pandemic to primary school teachers in order to strengthen and guide them in dealing with the psychological effects on children.

Finally, according to the instructions given today in the Gymnasiums, within the next period of time, the distance education is adjusted so that it covers the entire schedule. The operating hours of distance learning are adjusted accordingly.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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