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64,000 motorcycles go through MOT – The cost and consequences (VIDEO)

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64,000 μοτοσικλτε σ ο ν ο ο ο ο ο ; επιπτσεις (ΒΙΟ)

Called the first motorcycle owners for MOT control.

The front page hosted the coordinator of road safety campaigns and President of Motorcyclists  Club, Tzimis Angelidis, who spoke about the checks that are carried out on motorcycles and also about the consequences that drivers who do not comply with the law will have.

He initially mentioned that the MOT issue also concerns road safety. "There are 64,000 registered motorcycles.

He added that MOT on motorcycles is mandatory. "It has been implemented since yesterday and SMS messages are being sent to the owners".
He emphasized that first they will call the owners of older motorcycles and then the rest will follow.

Mr. Angelidis mentioned that this will be done every two years except  new motorcycles that will be every four years. "The cost of MOT will be 25 euros and the review is 10 euros". He emphasized how the cost is not at all prohibitive.

He noted that the audit will cover everything. "The steering wheel, brakes, lights, tires and pollutants will be checked where we have an issue. Many are modified by their owners. They will have a problem and will not pass the test.

He also said that 16 private motorcycle inspection centers have been licensed so far. "In a short time there will be 20. Already 100 technicians have taken exams, passed and are trained".

Then he talked about the consequences that will have a driver who does not take his machine for MOT. "He will not be able to renew the license. So far, 5000 sms have been sent.

Mr. Angelidis stated that the ultimate goal is to improve road safety on the road. "A proper motorcyclist will not get on his motorbike if he knows it has no tyres, brakes or lights.

He pointed out that some people see the MOT for motorbikes as being for tax collection purposes. "I disagree and think it is something we need".

Source: www.sigmalive.com

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