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70% of SODAP sales in 2021 compared to pre-pandemic

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Sales of SODAP were reduced by 1/3 in the year 2020, the first year of the pandemic, according to its Director, Marino Perikleous, while in 2021 the sales of the Cooperative Organization for the Distribution of Viticultural Products doubled but reached only 70% of sales in the pre-Covid 19 era. & nbsp;

In his statements, Mr. Perikleous stated that the Cooperative Organization for Distribution of Viticultural Products (SODAP) was greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, noting that the current conditions with the pandemic and the blow to the food and hotel industry, also affected the Organization.

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He affected us, he said, “very much the fact that the grapes that we had received and had become wines, were left unsold, due to the lockdown in the beginning”. Mr. Pericles noted that most people do not consume most drinks at home, but when going out or on vacation. He added that because the product they sell is not a necessity, sales have lagged behind and have greatly affected their company.

As for the subsequent manipulations, the Director of SODAP said that everything depends on when the market will open, adding that the stocks should be consumed slowly and their efforts are mainly focused on abroad to make some exports. If the markets open, then there will be some room for export, he said. He later admitted that they tried very hard but with very few results. vine growers who are our suppliers, but also the members of SODAP, on the one hand but also by the viability of the company on the other ”.

Mr. Perikleous stated that SODAP is the only cooperative organization that deals with wine in Cyprus. Asked if there are any plans for new wine labels, & nbsp; he noted that new plans are constantly being made, some labels are exchanged, depending on the needs of the market. We must, as he said, listen to what the market demands and try to make what the market demands because otherwise we will not sell. Our market is free, competitive and we need to adapt. & Nbsp;

As he mentioned, today the wines of SODAP are available in supermarkets small and large and then in the hotel and food industry with the beginning of the season. We are almost everywhere, he said, adding that their wines are available in all directions. & Nbsp;

Regarding exports to other countries and the prospect of further growth, Mr. Pericles stressed that production is much larger than the consumption in our country for this they are directed that the export trade, otherwise, as he pointed out, the quantities they make will not be available. & nbsp;

He then referred to the consumption of imported wines by Cypriots. & Nbsp;

Indicatively, he said that “the tendency of Cypriots to consume foreign products and wine in general, in our case, brings the need to look at exports , so that the quantities we produce can be disposed of ”.

Regarding the goals of SODAP, the Director of SODAP stated that their goal is to sell the grapes that they can receive from the shareholders' vineyards If possible, so that the growers are served and the organization grows. & nbsp;

Mr. Pericles also said that every year they send ten wines to the biggest world competitions and win all ten wines some distinction, receiving, gold, silver and bronze medals. Our quality in general as Cyprus in wine production has risen greatly and this must be realized by the Cypriot and to finally be able to buy Cypriot products, he concluded.

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