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7+1 expert tips to increase air conditioning efficiency and save energy

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7+1 expert tips to increase airconditioning efficiency and save energy

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    Temperatures in Cyprus in recent weeks have been unbearable, and air conditioners have been working overtime since the beginning of June.

    All signs indicate that this summer will bring extreme temperatures, frequent heatwaves, and, inevitably, inflated electricity bills.

    Therefore, in light of the double – yellow and orange – warning issued by the Meteorological Department for tonight and tomorrow, philenews contacted Assistant Professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Cyprus University of Technology, Avraam Georgiou, who presented eight ways in which businesses and households can save energy, making their air conditioners perform better and faster.

    Specifically, Avraam advises the following:

    1. It is essential to have your air conditioner serviced before use. Cleaning both the indoor unit (filters) and the outdoor unit (compressor) is crucial for hygiene and optimal performance.
    2. Proper ventilation of your home during the morning and evening hours is important.
    3. Windows, doors, and shutters should remain tightly closed during heatwave hours to maintain lower temperatures and cool the space faster.
    4. The air conditioner’s fan should be set to low speed to cool the indoor air faster.
    5. The ideal temperature for air conditioners, considering Cypriot standards, ranges from 25-28 degrees Celsius.
    6. Combining an air conditioner with a floor or ceiling fan can enhance performance and speed up cooling while saving electricity consumption.
    7. Placing heat-resistant plants near windows and doors can make a significant difference in temperature. Plants create their own microclimate, resulting in a temperature drop of up to 10 degrees Celsius.
    8. Safety is of utmost importance. Never connect your air conditioner to a power strip? instead, connect it to a dedicated power supply.
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