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A 24-year-old woman was handed over to the Cypriot authorities by Austria for fraud of thousands of euros

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A 24-year-old woman was handed over to the Cypriot authorities by Austria for fraud of thousands of euros

A 24-year-old woman was arrested before the Limassol District Court today, who was arrested in Vienna and handed over to the Cypriot authorities, in connection with an online fraud against an investment company and a posting of more than 14 thousand euros. He was detained for four days, while another person is wanted for the case.

According to the Police, the fraud was allegedly committed in February 2018 against an investment company based in Limassol, according to which, for the purchase of services from a partner based abroad, it transferred a sum of more than 14 thousand, in bank based in the United Kingdom, as requested by email.

A request for a transfer of another 17,000 euros was not executed, as it was found that both the bank account to which the transfer was made, and the e-mail received by the Cypriot company for the payment of money to the suspicious account, did not belong to its partner.

After examinations carried out by the Limassol TAE, in collaboration with the United Kingdom Authorities, based on a European investigation order, it was found that the beneficiary of the suspected bank account is a 24-year-old foreigner.

A European arrest warrant was issued against her and after she was located in Austria and arrested on December 30, 2020, she was transferred to Cyprus yesterday by TAE Limassol investigators.

This morning she was brought before the court, which ordered her 4-day detention for offenses related to conspiracy to commit a crime, embezzlement and attempted embezzlement of money through false representations as well as money laundering.

Another foreigner is wanted for the same case.

The Directorate of European Union – International Police Cooperation – WEU-DAS, of the Police Headquarters, coordinated the cooperation and communication with the Authorities of the United Kingdom and Austria.

TAE Limassol continues the examinations.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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