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A 29-year-old burglar is being treated – he was chased by citizens

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A 29-year-old burglar is being treated - he was chased by citizens

A 29-year-old suspect is being guarded at the Paphos General Hospital for a burglary of a jewelry store and other premises on Makariou Street in Paphos, after being chased by citizens and injuring his face.

According to the history of the case, the 29-year-old was arrested by the Police yesterday at noon, when after information from citizens, the suspect was found by members of the Force, to possess jewelry that was stolen the previous days, after a burglary of a jewelry store in Paphos.

He was persecuted by citizens

Specifically, shortly before 12.00 noon on Thursday, citizens informed the Police that in an area in the city of Paphos, a suspicious person was in possession of a large number of jewelry and watches, which he tried to sell. The citizens even chased the suspect whom they managed to immobilize.

Members of TAE Paphos rushed to the area, who approached the 29-year-old and located at the spot a bag, which the suspect allegedly had in his possession earlier and in which there was a large number of jewelry and watches. In a second bag held by the suspect, the members of the Police found, among other things, burglary tools, gloves, a knife and the amount of 290 euros.

He was injured in the face

The suspect did not give satisfactory explanations for the legality of the possession of the found and after being arrested for the spontaneous offenses of illegal possession of property, possession of burglary tools and stabbing, he was taken to the TAE offices for examination and then to the General Hospital of Paphos. citizens suffered various injuries to the face.

The following examinations revealed that part of the jewelry found had been stolen from a jewelry store in Paphos, after a burglary of the premises. The jewelry was pointed out to the owner of the jewelry store, who recognized it.

Burglary burglary

The burglary of the jewelry store was reported by its owner, on the afternoon of last Tuesday, January 12. The burglary allegedly took place between last Saturday, January 9th and last Tuesday. According to the complaint, various jewelry such as rings, chains, bracelets and pendants, with a total value of about 15,000 euros, were stolen from the jewelry store.

Members of the TAE Paphos had conducted examinations at the scene of the burglary. The examinations are being continued by the Paphos Police Department, with the 29-year-old suspect being detained to facilitate the investigations.

The findings are in the possession of the Police and are checked one by one in order to find out which cases concern them outside the jewelry store. In addition to the silverware, various souvenirs from the souvenir shop were found in the found items. The complainants are expected to inspect them in order to be identified with cases that have recently occupied the Police.

It is noted that the 29-year-old has occupied the Police in the past as well.

Source: www.philenews.com

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