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A 59-year-old “Cypriot” arms dealer is said to have surrendered to Turkey

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Big games with arms trade and turnovers of hundreds of millions of dollars, on Cypriot territory. This is information that has been the subject of research by “P” in the last period and is not only unfounded.

According to information that came into our possession, a 59-year-old Russian-speaking man who was a naturalized Cypriot, is engaged in the arms trade, while he is said to have handed over to countries hostile to Cyprus. Even with Turkey.
Cypriot since 2016
This person is from a country of the former Soviet Union. He is one of the many entrepreneurs who obtained a European passport, taking advantage of the Cypriot investment program. He became a citizen in 2016 and since then his job has become even easier. He is now considered a respectable European businessman.

All legal

Indeed, the company in which it is presented as a major shareholder and is located in a coastal city of Cyprus, is presented as completely legal. It submits the necessary documents to the state on time, is characterized by formality in terms of its obligations and generally seems to be fully compliant with the legislation. Even for the purposes of its establishment, it has declared to the Comptroller of Companies its true object: “Trade of all kinds of military equipment”.

Special permit

In fact, it has a special license from the Coastal City Chamber of Commerce and Industry to market all kinds of military equipment, from military rifle binoculars to a warplane. Also, according to the license, the company in question can operate internationally, resell, act as an intermediary in arms sales agreements and generally promote the industry in any way.

With arms industries

As far as we know, this company, which has the 59-year-old businessman as its official, also cooperates with the arms industry in the Balkans. On several occasions he has requested bids for military equipment. In fact, it seems to have access to other markets, since in several cases it has made offers for the sale of armored special purpose vehicles.

With Azerbaijan and Turkey

What is morally reprehensible in this case has to do with the states it trades with. It is reported that she has contacts with Azerbaijan, but even with Turkey.

It is indicative that two documents that came into our possession show the company registered in Cyprus to have given a deal with the Turks.
According to one document, the Cypriot company of the 59-year-old naturalized, appears to receive an offer on November 8, 2017 from an arms industry based in the Balkans, for ammunition destined for Turkey, for 2,140,000 euros.

The second document is a proposal that is said to be made on 24/02/2017 by the 59-year-old Cypriot citizen at the Turkish Ministry of Defense. The object is the possible sale of 70 armored vehicles for an amount approaching 52 million dollars (51,950,000). The document contains detailed information on the repayment terms. Vehicles, like those included in the offer, have been widely used in northern Syria.
12 T-72 tanks

The 59-year-old holder of a Cypriot passport has been involved in the international arms trade in the past. Although he has a low profile, we nevertheless found his name in a Ukrainian publication, which puts him behind the sale of 12 T-72 tanks in 2007. The sale was described as curious and seemed to have been made through the interests of the 59-year-old who was registered on our island. This company now appears to have been delisted.

Meetings in hotels

At the same time, information indicates that the person in question is not limited to the marketing of military equipment. A well-informed source talks about the “Cypriot” businessman dealing with software that gives priority to government services. The same source referred to agreements, meetings and presentations he makes with interested buyers, even in hotels in Cyprus.

It did not matter

However, the name of the Cypriot businessman did not concern the investigative committee under Myron Nikolatos, which was called upon to identify the irregular naturalizations. This makes sense to some extent, as he has not been charged with any illegal activity.
A well-known public figure who spoke to “P”, wishing to remain anonymous, said that even if it turns out that he trades with Turkey on military equipment, the issue is only moral and that there is no illegality. He referred to products such as clothing, which are made in Turkey and end up in Cyprus. “This has happened too many times,” the same person commented.

Source: politis.com.cy

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