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A.A. Papahellinas Emporiki Ltd: Offers free study opportunities to its 2,200 staff members and their dependents

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Χ.Α. Παπαελλη&nu ;ας Εμπορικor Λτδ: ΠροσφΕρει ευκ&alpha ;ιρΙες για δωρεαν σπουδες στα 2,200 μελη του προσωπικοΙ της και στα εξα&rho ;τoμενa τους

On Friday, February 2, 2024, A.A. Papahellinas Emporiki Ltd and the University of Nicosia announced, at a Press Conference, the start of a new collaboration, with the aim of further supporting and advancing the employees of the ALFAMEGA and Bean Bar Hypermarkets, and their dependent children. Through this collaboration, A.A. Papahellinas Emporiki Ltd continues to invest in its staff by awarding scholarships for studies at the University of Nicosia, which prove the company's special commitment to the training and development of the skills and abilities of its human resources, as well as its desire to offer to the wider society.< /p>

Specifically, A.A. Papahellinas Emporiki Ltd offers its team members the opportunity to claim full scholarships, for the first year of studies, in undergraduate and postgraduate programs of the University of Nicosia. Discounts are also offered on the tuition fees of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, amounting to 25% and 20% respectively. Finally, the University of Nicosia offers 3 scholarships of 15% to existing students, who either work in the organization or are dependent children of beneficiaries.

Χ.Α. Παπαελληνα ς Εμπορικor Λτδ: Προσφéρει ευκαι ρiες για δωρεαν σπουδeς στα 2,200 μeλη τ&omicron ;υ προσωπικού της και στα εξαρτ ωμενα τους

In the greeting addressed by Mr. Marios Antoniou, Director of Human Resources of A.A. Papahellinas Emporiki Ltd, expressed its joy for entering into a partnership with the University of Nicosia, which offers more than 100 study programs and is one of the leading research universities in the wider Mediterranean region. In his statements, Mr. Antoniou said: “We are particularly happy about our new collaboration with the University of Nicosia, as it gives our employees the opportunity to study in the field they are interested in and at the same time provides significant help to students and parents their. We are sure that the cooperation will leave a positive mark on the development of our employees, but also on the country in general''.

In his turn, Mr. Tasos Dimitriou, Director of the Student Admissions Department of the University of Nicosia, welcomed the cooperation, expressing the certainty that the cooperation will be efficient both for the two partners and for the existing and future workforce of our country. He characteristically stated: “The agreement is of great importance because the proposed actions are expected to directly contribute to the wider educational and working community. Within the framework of our joint action, we have agreed that the University of Nicosia provides scholarships for admission and study in undergraduate and postgraduate study programs it offers, with the aim of developing and promoting higher education for the staff as well as the dependent children of the staff of Papahellina Emporiki Ltd. ''.

The Press Conference was held in the presence of executives of the two partners and media representatives, with A.A. Papahellinas Emporiki Ltd to confirm and strengthen its commitment to offer to the society and economy of our country.

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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