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A bet for Cyprus is the storage of “clean” energy

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ΣτοΙχημα για &tau ;ην Κyπρο η αποθorκευση «καθαρorς» &epsilon ;νεργειας

Europe continues to face the major challenges created first by the pandemic and then by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The jump in energy costs on a global scale and the inflationary pressures exerted on national economies, led the European Commission to the REPowerEU plan, which provides for the Union's independence from Russian fossil fuels by 2030, through the exploitation of new energy sources and increased use of Renewable Sources.

The only non-interconnected Member State
In Cyprus the picture is even bleaker. In addition to the increase in the cost of liquid fuels, consumers also bear the increased cost of greenhouse gas emission rights. Cyprus remains the only non-interconnected EU member state. With proper planning, it can utilize its energy potential to the maximum extent, so that its energy isolation can be lifted and it can become a hub for the movement of electricity to and from the European Union and neighboring countries, which will improve its energy security.

The utilization of RES is important
Important in this direction is the utilization of Renewable Energy Sources, but above all addressing the great challenge, which is none other than the installation of energy storage systems. However, the utilization of renewable energy sources presupposes the upgrading and development of existing networks so that the energy produced by RES can be utilized at the exact moment when it is most needed. In order to solve the problems concerning the energy autonomy of the isolated island electrical systems, and in particular for Cyprus, in the short term, the immediate upgrade of the existing network is needed, so that the flexibility of the electrical system can be increased with the use of energy storage technologies, for the additional penetration of renewable energy sources into the country's energy balance should be possible.

The solution of energy storage
The absence of storage systems results in a waste of around 60% of the cheap, green energy that can be produced on days when Cyprus has sun and wind. The solution is provided by modern methods of energy storage, such as those developed based on lithium batteries, which are now strategic and critical infrastructures of modern energy networks. Energy storage projects that have been implemented internationally, in countries such as Australia, utilizing innovative methods are drastically changing the landscape, ensuring backup energy in times of increased demand and reducing the risk of potential problems (blackouts) in uninterrupted electricity supply. Modern storage solutions ensure flexibility, reliability and stability of access to energy from RES, regardless of weather conditions, while through storage the needs created in times of increased demand are covered, without losing precious green energy. The development of new energy networks combined with the exploitation of modern energy storage solutions will allow the transition to a more sustainable, decentralized and efficient energy network with benefits for citizens, thanks to the reduction of costs, but also for the environment, through the reduction of carbon footprint.

K. Mitsotakis: “Energy storage is of key importance”
“Renewable energy sources can make a big difference only if we solve – if rather break – the Gordian link of energy storage, because obviously we don't have sunshine all the time and it's not windy every day. Therefore, energy storage becomes of key importance in order to increase the penetration of RES in the electricity production mix”, said the Prime Minister of the Greek Government, Kyriakos Mitsotakis during his visit to the factory of the company Sunlight, which develops innovative storage technologies lithium-based energy. Sunlight belongs to the Olympia Group, which is also active in Cyprus with a number of businesses, while investing, among other things, in technologies for industrial electrification and Energy Storage Systems, supporting research and development in innovative applications that respond today to the multiple challenges of tomorrow .

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