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A casino in Tympo and a hotel in Lapithos is being designed by a company

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    What the Turkish Cypriot press is reporting

    The “government” in the occupied is taking action to provide &#8220 ?operating license” casino inside the illegal airport of Tymbu to Ermrullah Turanli's company, which operates the airport and owes exorbitant amounts of electricity and has been given debts of 59 million euros, writes the newspaper “Avrupa”.

    According to the GTP, yesterday's newspaper report stated that these are “new moves”. The issue was raised by RTK “MP”, Sami Ozouslu, who posted on his social media account a letter from the “Deputy Minister of Transport” to the “Ministry of Tourism”.

    As he wrote, the T&T company submitted its plan to Erhan Arikli's “transportation ministry”. Ozouslu notes that the “government” is submitting a proposal to the “parliament” to amend the “gambling law” and that now no “casino licenses” can be issued, except in the Vokolida area. “Among the proposed amendments, there are also articles that will take care of T&T's businesses,” he says.

    Also, the online “Cyprus Postasi” writes today that while the public debate about the Airport Hotel project of T&T's main partner Turanli continues, it has become known that he is preparing to bid for an unfinished beach hotel to be auctioned by a bank in the Lapithos area.

    The website comments that this investment decision by Turanli came as a great surprise to the business world and the public, as his non-serious and illegal behavior in previous projects creates concern for this new one hotel project.

    Source: KYPE

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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