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A Cypriot doctor distributes a preparation for cancer patients

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A Cypriot doctor distributes a preparation for cancer patients

The ex-officio investigation of the Ethics Committee of the Pancyprian Medical Association has been provoked by the announcement of a Cypriot doctor that he has found a therapeutic formula for cancer. “Dear friends, after 7 years of effort, I am very pleased to announce that the formula for cancer has finally been completed!” wrote on August 28 in a group that bears his name on facebook (Natural & Herbal therapies from the Researcher Dr Petais Elias) the thoracic surgeon in the specialty Dr. Elias Petais and facebook caught fire. The issue will now be investigated ex officio by the Ethics Committee of the Pancyprian Medical Association, examining the possibility of the doctor being prosecuted for his actions and statements.

Apart from the obvious ones, which concern every slightest reader of the announcement – that is, among other things, cancer is not a single disease, but many different in all organs of the body, with different behavior each time, etc., therefore it does not there may be “a cure for cancer” – the Ethics Committee is investigating violations of the Code of Medical Ethics.

Specifically, in the Medical Professional Ethics Regulations of 1991 of the Law on Physicians, in articles 27-29, it is stated that “The doctor is not allowed to sell samples of medicines. The provision of unnecessary and scientifically unsuitable services as well as the provision of inferior quantitative and qualitative medical care motivated by the financial exploitation of the patient is considered unethical “. In this case, Dr. Petais presented in 2016 – again on Facebook and not in scientific journals as appropriate, in order to receive the appropriate critical processing from the scientific community – the formula “Advance” to support cancer patients. He cites research showing that the formula strengthens the immune system, kills only cancer cells and destroys their DNA. The preparation, he says, contains 55ml of herbal extract, lycopene capsules for eight months, herbal powder used as tea, an injection of peptides and nutrition. “It is decided by those who want it based on the results I have. The rest does not matter “, said Dr. Petais in a relevant discussion on Facebook, estimating its cost at 688 euros, for which in fact its manufacturing costs are not covered. Asked, however, to give details of the formula, he refuses, inviting anyone who wishes to do research on it.

It is worth noting that the Ethics Committee dealt with the same case again in the past, referring the thoracic surgeon to the disciplinary council of the PIS. At that time, a key witness had withdrawn her testimony and his lawyer invoked the already negative publicity of the case before the conclusion came out, as a result of which the doctor was acquitted on legal grounds. Now, the research will be ex officio, based on what he says on social media and not on the testimonies of third parties who may later withdraw.

The website http://ellinikahoaxes.gr, which deals with the downfall of untrue publications on the internet, researching and collecting data from reliable sources, also dealt with the issue, which concludes: “We will not talk about Kompogiannism, because we have long since passed this stage. “But we must draw attention to our desperate fellow human beings who may fall into the hands of eagles.”

The doctor's point of view

“P” contacted, as he should have, Dr. Petai to ask for details about the investigation and to hear his opinion on the dispute in it. “It's an old formula, physiotherapy, that has now become a topic. It is helpful, in the coming years it will be seen if it helps. “We do not know now,” he told us by telephone.

Asked to explain exactly what it contains and how the formula is supposed to help, he replied that it is a supplement, which “helps through the immune system from what it seems”. When asked if there could be a cure or formula for all cancers, he replied “We give the same to everything, it helps the system in general”. “I have been dealing with naturalistic formulas and preparations since 2004. I had my father with cancer and the chemotherapy did not work. He finally died. At some point this thing went on (s.s. the research). What it contains is the secret. It works on its own to some extent. “In order to be 100% sure that it works, more intensive research must be done, but I am alone”, he concluded.

Source: politis.com.cy

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