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A deal is being made with England, as with Israel for vaccinated people

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A deal is being made with England, as with Israel for vaccinated people

The Cypriot government is seeking an agreement with the United Kingdom, on the model of the agreement reached with Israel, to boost the tourist flow and bookings from the most important market for Cypriot tourism.

In fact, according to information from “F”, the negotiations between the two sides have already begun in this direction and the indications that exist are that a positive outcome will soon emerge. The same information states, however, that the agreement to be announced will enter into force later than the corresponding agreement with Israel, which is known to be “activated” on April 1.

However, the estimates are that the announcement of the agreement, to provide facilities to those who have been vaccinated, for travel to Cyprus, alone will be enough to give further impetus to holiday bookings on the island in the coming summer.


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In this context, the aim of the government is to have a quick result in the negotiations for notification of the agreement as soon as possible. It is noted, however, that the announcement by the British Prime Minister alone earlier this week that travel from the UK abroad could begin in mid-May “awakened” the British travel mood and significantly increased bookings to organizers. travel and air travel to several summer destinations, including Cyprus.

The agreement sought with the UK will be identical to that of Israel, according to what we know.


Source: www.philenews.com

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