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A huge hospital is planned in the Municipality of Engomi

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A huge hospital is planned in the Municipality of Engomi

Βασός Βασιλείου

A huge hospital with support services on a land of about 28 stairs (37,464 sq.m.) is expected to be built in a part of Kykkos Monastery and already a team of doctors had contacts with the competent services and what is expected is the submission of a regulatory plan to distribute the developments that will be implemented (from hotel to offices and shops).

This plot is located at the junction of Griva Digeni and Agios Prokopios Avenues and has an area of about 33.5 hectares (approximately 335,000 square meters). The piece starts from the Metochi of Kykkos (on Griva Digeni) and extends to the supermarket ALPHA MEGA. On the other hand, it extends from the height of Metochi (on Archangelos) to the junction near the DIAS complex and covers the entire area to the right where the outpatient clinics of Engomi are located.

According to information, the hospital, which may apply to join the GESS, is planned to be built on the site where the Kykkos nursery is currently located. According to information, in addition to the Cypriot doctors who plan to work in this hospital, foreigners will also have shares and one of the goals is to attract patients from Israel or other countries in the region. The piece will not be sold but according to information will be given for long-term use.

According to the Local Plan of Nicosia, the building factor in the plot under development is 140% and the percentage of coverage 30% on the net area of the property, minus the commitments (road network and open public space).

According to the Local Plan, the maximum number of floors is eight “except in cases of special building volumes for which the Planning Authority, by exercising its discretion, may approve a larger number of floors”. The latest report paves the way for the approval of even taller buildings.

In the Special Area OP3, to which the specific plot of land falls, the following uses can be located:

    Residential units at a rate of about 32% Trade at a rate of about 18% Offices at a rate of about 28% Hotel at a rate of about 12% Leisure and recreational facilities at a regular rate of about 6% Cultural facilities Educational uses Developments related to health, social welfare and community infrastructure. Sports facilities.

However, for the above, again, there is room for variation, meaning that the total possibility of building offices and stores does not increase beyond 45% of the growth.

According to the Local Plan, offices and shops, etc., can cover almost half of the offered land, so any variation of this percentage downwards is now considered a desirable use, when more or less the application for construction of a hospital is considered almost certain to be approved.

The height is tripled

It is noted that in the Local Plan of 2006 in this plot was foreseen the construction of up to three floors with a maximum height of 11.30 meters, in relation to the current data, based on which the height is tripled.

In the Local Plan of 2016, special reference is made to this piece and it is recorded that this single property presents unique opportunities for quality and integrated utilization and creation of a project that will attract significant investments in Nicosia and will create new jobs. The area to which the plot falls was designated as Special Area EP3, with the aim, as stated, of yielding a perspective of rational development and upgrading of the image of the area.

Regarding the process of approval of the Development, in the first phase the submission to the Urban Planning Authority for approval of a General Spatial Plan for the whole development is foreseen. Along with the application, a commercial impact assessment study must be submitted for approval by the Urban Planning Council.

Mall. As “F” is informed, recently the processes and the efforts of the interested parties to submit the necessary documents in order to be examined and approved as soon as possible have been intensified.

The plot was included in the Special Area Plan

As mentioned in the Local Plan of Nicosia, this piece was included in the Special Area as a result of detailed planning in the preparation of an Area Plan for the wider area west and south of the core of Engomi in order to provide a perspective of rational development and upgrading of the image.

This policy aims, always according to the Local Plan, to introduce the basic parameters for planning the area as a whole, in the context of rational planning and based on the General Development Strategy of the Nicosia Local Plan.

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