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A. Ioannou: The possibility of imposing a ceiling on milk is open

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A. Ioannou: The possibility of imposing a ceiling on milk is open


In the event that the retail prices of basic products such as milk, water, bread, are unjustified, the Consumer Protection Service is the competent service in the ministry, which is entitled to implement specific legislation to set a maximum price (ceiling).

Speaking on ACTIVE on ACTIVE, the Director of the Service, Antonis Ioannou, explained that the Consumer Protection Service has the right to document that the increases are not justified and to make a proposal to the Minister to impose a ceiling.

He said that milk has happened in the past, while, as he noted, there is another law, which concerns petroleum products. “In the case of milk, we have data from a large milk production company, which has announced a 3% increase in the price of milk. This did not happen on November 1, as it was announced and we know this from specific price observatories that we operate at the moment “, he pointed out afterwards.

The information of the Ministry of Energy speaks, according to Mr. Ioannou, that the specific increase will start on Tuesday, November 9, something that was not allowed to happen, as supermarkets reacted which state that they will not sell the specific milk. Other supermarkets appeared ready to absorb the 3% without burdening the consumer. We are vigilant, assured the Director of Consumer Protection.

Source: www.philenews.com

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