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A London company has fired a cleaning lady after she ate an 'abandoned' sandwich

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When news of the layoff broke, union members gathered outside the offices with 100 cans of tuna and 300 sandwiches

A cleaner working for a top London law firm filed a suit /strong>because she was fired, because… she dared to eat a forgotten tuna sandwich she found in a conference room. According to the website RollOnFriday, cleaner Gabriela Rodriguez was fired from her cleaning service, Total Clean, shortly before Christmas 2023.

Rodriguez, a single mother from Ecuador, was allegedly fired from her job following complaints from representatives of the law firm Devonshires Solicitors that on a day and time she was working there she ate an abandoned sandwich, which cost just £1. 90 dollars!

The sandwich in question had been left in the conference room after acompany meeting,which has 235 lawyers on its staff, and would fly. A spokesperson for the law firm told The Post that it had not filed a formal complaint against Rodriguez, insisting it had not sought action against her. “Total Clean carried out its own investigation and the decision to dismiss Gabriella was made without any absolutely prompting or influence from Devonshiresadded the company representative. Devonshires also said it would not object, as it never has, to Gabriella attending and working at its facility if Total Clean changes its mind, according to the New York Post.

The Rodriguez had worked at Devonshires for two years before she was fired. However, Total Clean, for its part, claimed that Rodriguez committed theft by eating the tuna sandwich.

When the news of the dismissal became knownof Rodriguez, members of the United Voices of the World (UVW) union gathered outside the Devonshires offices with 100 cans of tuna, 300 hand-wrapped sandwiches, heart-shaped balloons and love letters to Rodriguez, the Guardian reported. .

Although Rodriguez's supporters they also appealed directly to Devonshires for her dismissal, the law firm stated that it did not show goodwill and refused to support Gabriela's case.

source: newsbeast.gr

Source: 24h.com.cy

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