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A magical wellness break on the island of spas

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Piestany or the “island of spas” in Slovakia is the largest Spa in Europe and an important resort for the aristocracy.

Eνα μαγικo break ευεξiασ στο νησΙ των σπα /></p>
<p> Just 45 minutes away from the capital of Slovakia </p>
<p>Just 45 minutes away from the capital of Slovakia, there is a green and picturesque town in the Trnava region, home to around 28,000 inhabitants. The city takes its name from the Slavic word “piesok”, meaning “sand”. It is located along the Vach River, creating a natural island that is home to ten thermal springs. An impressive pedestrian bridge connects the island with the city center. In the center, a bronze statue depicts a man breaking his walking stick, having been cured by the thermal baths, suggesting the benefits of nature for health and well-being.</p>
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