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Some of the out-of-court fines provided for traffic light violations are reduced based on a law passed unanimously by Parliament. These fines arise mainly due to the existence of light marking cameras in specific parts of the cities.

The law proposal, which was tabled by the MP of DIPA Marinos Musiouttas, provides for the amount of the out-of-court fine for the offense of failing to comply with the obligation to stop at a traffic light, pursuant to the Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulations, to be graded and shaped accordingly with the vehicle's stopping point.

Based on the law that was passed, out-of-court fines of €85 are provided in case the vehicle stops on the pedestrian crossing instead of the current €300, while a fine of €300 continues to be provided in case the vehicle stops beyond the pedestrian crossing or if it moves beyond of the pedestrian crossing and within the road junction during the time that the red light is on.

The existing provision for imposing a fine of €25 in cases of non-compliance with the obligation to stop before the waiting stop line in traffic light, which is a traffic signal violation, still applies and is not affected by the proposed regulations.

Also with an amendment by Mr. Musiutta that was approved, time is granted to the executive power to make the necessary changes in the system to implement the law and it will be put into effect by a decision of the Council of Ministers.

Speaking to the Plenary of the Parliament , Mr. Musiuttas stated that in some cases the amount of the fine was disproportionate based on the offense and for this reason he considered it appropriate to file the law proposal. He stated that based on the amendment, this change will be implemented as soon as the photo-marking system is ready and following a Ministerial decision.

The Speaker of the Parliament Annita Dimitriou said that it is the responsibility of the executive branch to bring amendments and improve the law.

DISY Parliamentary Representative Nikos Tornaritis said that the party supported the photo-marking cameras to enhance road awareness and not as a tax collection measure. He was in favor of this specific proposal and asked the Minister of Transport to review the implementation of the entire system since there are citizens who cannot make ends meet.

AKEL Member of Parliament Valentinos Fakontis said that the system, instead of having a preventive nature to stop road conflicts, has a tax collection nature with many people being trapped and fines raining down. He asked for the fines to be proportional, especially when the average salary is €900.

DIKO Member of Parliament Pavlos Mylonas said that small and medium-sized citizens cannot afford the fines while there is an anxious behavior on the streets.

The Member of Parliament of DIKO Panikos Leonidou agreed with the law, stating that as soon as possible the competent Ministry should re-evaluate this institution because it is not only with penalties and fines that problems are solved. He appealed to the Minister of Transport to proceed with experts to re-evaluate the system and its implementation.

ELAM Member of Parliament Sotiris Ioannou referred to the system of cameras on the roads of Cyprus which he characterized as a big fiasco, since as he said he is setting up ambushes in the world with the aim of collecting extrajudicial fees and in areas where there is no history of accidents.

Mr Mousioutas noted that the executive power intends to make recommendations for improvements and that the responsible Minister will be before the Transport Committee on the 27th of the month.

Limassol Member of Parliament Andreas Themistokleous referred to statistics which show that deaths from road collisions not only did not decrease but increased by 41% after the installation of traffic cameras.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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