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A selfless offer by Hellenic Bank staff in the #HBVolunteersChallenge

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The Hellenic Bank staff enthusiastically participated for another year in the #HBVolunteersChallenge

Προσφορà με αν&iota ;διοτeλεια απo το προσωπικo της &Epsilon ;λληνικorς Τραπεζας στο #HBVolunteersChallenge

With the belief that the business sector is a living cell of society, with an important role in promoting social responsibility actions, Hellenic Bank continues to support the value of volunteering in practice and over time. Specifically, Hellenic Bank encourages its staff to contribute to the community through acts of giving and altruism.

In this context, the participation of the Hellenic Bank staff in this year's #HBVolunteersChallenge campaign was particularly dynamic, proving once again the power of social responsibility, but also the joy of giving. As part of the campaign, employees from all the Bank's Departments joined forces to selflessly implement actions, which have a significant social impact on groups of citizens, on the environment and on the community's quality of life.

This year's #HBVolunteersChallenge campaign had as a milestone the World Volunteer Day, December 5, 2022, and ended at the beginning of 2023. In accordance with the campaign philosophy, all Hellenic Bank Departments and Units were invited to organize their own activity , encouraging the voluntary contribution of employees to the overall welfare of society.

Expressing a strong spirit of social solidarity, the Bank's staff collected a total amount that exceeded €8,000, which was allocated for the financial support of ten organizations, non-governmental organizations and charitable foundations. Among them, organizations and foundations with an extremely critical social impact received financial support, such as the Pan-Cypriot Volunteer Coordinating Council, the Alkinos Artemiou Foundation, the Miracle Babies Association, the Love Incubator Association, the Christos Stelios Ioannou Foundation, the Open Embrace Group, the Pan-Cypriot Autism Association (Paphos), the Ronald McDonald House Charities, the Children's/Young People's Book Association (NGO) and the Hope for Children Policy Center.

In addition, staff organized the collection, sorting and delivery of essential items to social grocery stores in almost all cities of Cyprus, as well as collection and distribution of office furniture, computers, stationery and love packages to vulnerable families.

He also supported the important work of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Makarios Hospital, with the purchase of a phototherapy machine for premature newborns, while he also took care of the purchase of a bench for the outdoor playground of Makarios Hospital.

Participation in the “Adopt a Family at Christmas” campaign was also important, through which supermarket vouchers were offered to vulnerable families, as well as the purchase of a shredder for the Christos Stelios Ioannou Foundation, as well as the donation of books to school and community libraries. Furthermore, the Bank's staff also supported a dog shelter, by buying and offering food and other animal care items.

Through this rich action, the annual institution of the #HBVolunteersChallenge contributes to the strengthening of volunteerism in society, confirming that selfless giving and volunteering must become a culture and consciousness for every active organization. As a sign of recognition of its contribution, Hellenic Bank became, during the two previous years, the first organization to be honored for its contribution through the #HBVolunteersChallenge by the President of the Republic of Cyprus, in the context of the Cyprus Volunteer Week.

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