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A series of actions to support students from Ukraine, decided TEPAK

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The implementation of a series of actions, including the granting of scholarships for undergraduate and doctoral studies, to support students and prospective students from Ukraine after the Russian military invasion of the country, decided the Technological University of Cyprus (TEPAK):

  • Granting of 10 scholarships at undergraduate level, starting studies in September 2022

This scholarship will cover all years of study as well as 1 year of learning the Greek language. These scholarship students will also have the opportunity to be employed under the institution of student employment.

  • Acceptance of applications for transfer to TEPAK of students studying in Ukraine

In the case of Greek-speaking students, the transfer will take place without the need for other academic arrangements. The transfer will have immediate effect (immediate start of study) and under the responsibility of the academic admission department, arrangements will be made to complete the courses they attended until their asylum and then to make the relevant assignment with courses of the TEPAK curriculum. p>

A similar effort will be made for the completion and assignment of courses in the case of foreign language students who will also immediately start intensive Greek language courses through the Language Center (KG).

Catering for students studying in Ukraine (and will not choose to start or continue their studies at TEPAK) through the support program of the Holy Metropolis of Limassol.

Utilization of the European University of Technology (EUt +) and the courses that will be offered in English to facilitate the study students.

Coordination, through the European University of Technology (EUT +) for “channeling” students to countries closer to their homeland (eg Bulgaria and Romania) and which may have English-language programs and can more easily accept students from Ukraine./p>

Providing the opportunity to students who studied in Ukraine (and regardless of the start/continuation of their studies at TEPAK) to attend intensive Greek language courses at TEPAK and to take advantage of counseling and support services from the Student Development Center. <./p>

Employing researchers/three from Ukraine where the income and objects of the Departments allow it.

Providing 5 scholarships (full tuition coverage) for doctoral studies with supervision and elaboration of the doctoral dissertation in English Language.

Announcement (and notification through the Embassy of Ukraine and/or directly to Ukrainian Universities and Academics) of Teaching Assistants and/or EU positions in Departments and courses that may be offered in English.

Seeking joint publications and research activities with academics and students from Ukraine, sending an invitation to Ukrainian Universities.

Organizing, in cooperation with FETEPAK, an open conference call with academics and students from Ukraine for expression of solidarity and awareness of the opportunities that TEPAK can offer them.

It is noted that TEPAK, responding to the call of the state and in consultation with the Office of the Citizen's Commissioner, organized, in the previous days, a collection campaign humanitarian aid to our fellow human beings in Ukraine, who are experiencing the horrors of war in recent days. As part of the campaign, food and basic necessities were collected, which were donated by members of the university community, in order to be sent to the tested Ukrainian people, in cooperation with the relevant State Services.

Source: politis.com.cy

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