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A solution based on historical and current data, says the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the occupied territories

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The Turkish Minister of Defense, Yasar Güler, spoke for a solution based on historical and current data, saying that Turkey has acquired rights equal sovereignty and equal international rights, while he said that Turkey will continue to work for security, peace and stability on the island.

Speaking at a dinner in the 28th Mechanized Infantry Division of the Turkish Occupation Army, Yasar Güler also said that “just as we did not remain silent about the oppression and pain experienced by our countrymen 50 years ago, today we have the determination and persistence to protect the rights of the Turkish Cypriots with the same understanding”.

As reported by the media, the Turkish Minister of Defense, together with the chiefs of land, navy and air force visiting the occupied territories, inspected the division in question yesterday and spoke to the soldiers during a dinner. He said he was very happy to be in the said division, which “undertakes an important function for the security of the sister tdvk” – as he characterized the pseudo-state – “and of the island”.

Geopolitical importance

We are going through, he said, a critical period with multidimensional developments in the region and the world, and security standards are constantly changing due to increasing risks and threats. “In this period it becomes necessary for our country, located in a geography of high geopolitical importance, to always be strong and alert against all these threats and dangers. As the Ministry of National Defense, therefore, we exercise the most intense and effective actions for the survival of our country and the security and peace of our nation. In this context, our glorious army is achieving great success with operations taking place inside and across the border, our heroic Turkish soldiers are continuing their struggle with great effort and determination to neutralize the last terrorist,” he said.

While we ensure the security of our borders with the most vigorous and effective measures, he continued, at the same time we protect our rights and interests in the 'blue homeland' without hesitation or compromise. “Within the framework of the Guarantee and Alliance Agreements in Cyprus, which is our national cause, the Turkish Minister said, “we are successfully ensuring security and peace with the great sacrifice of you, my armed friends”.< /p>

Turkey, he said, has approached the Cyprus issue fairly from the first moment, on the basis of international law, saying that giving priority to diplomacy and discussions between the sides, intense efforts were made to find a solution. But, he continued, “the increasing pressures, even the massacres against compatriots in Cyprus, require Turkey, as a guarantor country, to take measures to consolidate peace and protect our compatriots”.

He claimed that in 1974 with the “peace operation” – as he called the invasion – peace and prosperity came to Cyprus and since then the Turkish occupying army is the biggest guarantee for security and peace on the island.

Cyprus, he said, is of strategic importance for the continuation of security and stability in the region. Expressing thanks to the staff of the division for carrying out its duty, he said that just as “we did not remain silent in the oppression and pain experienced by our compatriots 50 years ago, with the same understanding, with determination and perseverance we will protect the rights of the Turkish Cypriots” .


Mr Guler spoke of “a mentality that questions the existence of Turkey, which is currently on the island with full international legitimacy” and said that Turkey, as a guarantor country, has historical ties to the region. “Furthermore, our Cypriot brothers have obtained their sovereign equality and equal international rights, which are their acquired rights. The confirmation of their status is essential for us”. and today's data. “It is certain that this will be the best way for the prosperous future of both our Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot neighbors and for a permanent climate of peace and tranquility on the island. As a guarantor country (Turkey), as until now, we will continue to work for security, peace and stability on the island. We will continue to exist and support the legitimate interests of the Turkish sister under any circumstances”. the Caucasus to northern Africa and the Mediterranean.

Source: www.philenews.com

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