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A sustainable future is possible with Hellenic Bank's Green Loans

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Protecting the planet is a key pillar of a responsible social and business practice, investing in a more sustainable future. Hellenic Bank is a pioneer in this field as well, applying “green” practices and supporting initiatives and businesses that reduce the environmental footprint. coming generations, Hellenic Bank consistently serves the belief that good intentions are not enough to reverse climate change, but concrete measures are required.

In this context, the Bank has placed at the center of its strategy the strengthening of sustainability and the Green Economy, through specialized financial products, but also through corporate operating practices, which serve environmental sustainability.

Green loans

Energy saving is one of the most important parameters not only for reducing household expenses but also for the protection of the planet's natural resources. So, with a small step starting with the energy upgrade of our home, we can all contribute to environmental sustainability, while saving money on energy bills and increasing the value of the home.

Specially designed to support citizens in the energy upgrade of their home, Hellenic Bank's green loans offer financing options for a range of sustainable solutions. From acquiring photovoltaic and energy-efficient appliances, changing windows and doors to thermal insulation and green lighting, Green Loan offers a discount on the interest rate on the loan for the installation of home energy upgrading systems.

Designed to offer solutions tailored to your own needs, Green Loan gives you the freedom to choose a loan of up to 7 years without collateral and up to 10 years for loans with real collateral. The amount of the loan ranges up to €30,000 for loans without collateral, while for loans with real collateral it is determined according to the value and type of collateral, with a variable interest rate in both cases.

Criteria and incentives

Hellenic Bank has defined specific criteria for evaluating social and environmental risks in the process of approving new financing, while it has also proceeded to create a specialized group for sustainability and ESG (Environment, Society, Governance) issues.

Providing integrated services and incentives to its customers, in order to develop an environmentally conscious action, Hellenic is the first Cypriot Bank to offer preferential pricing for mortgage loans for the purchase/construction of energy class A and B homes, as well as renovation and energy upgrading of existing homes . In addition, it offers a lower interest rate for financing electric/hybrid cars, as well as a discount on the insurance of such vehicles through Pancyprian Insurance.

Professional Green Loans

With extensive know-how in the field of green transition, Hellenic Bank supports the sustainable development of a business, offering professionals the necessary financial support to invest in renewable energy sources and modernize their energy efficiency.

Hellenic Bank's professional green loans include financing for ecological Means of Transport, including for electric or hybrid vehicles, as well as for their charging stations. They also concern the upgrading of businesses by developing, installing or expanding systems that utilize different sources of renewable energy, such as solar, wind, geothermal and biomass. They also include financing for the purchase, construction or renovation of green buildings that meet sustainable design and energy efficiency standards as well as investments to reduce carbon emissions, waste management and recycling in a business.

With fixed interest rate for the first two years of the loan and a fixed monthly installment even if the prime rate increases, business green loans ensure the stability that a business requires in an era of economic and ecological challenges. Offering a range of options from repayment programs adapted to the company's cash flows to the configuration of the loan amount based on eligible investment costs, Hellenic Bank's professional green loans are a valuable ally for the ecological upgrade of any business.

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