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A total of 167 criminal cases were registered in 2023 by the Council of Realtors

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By Alexia Kafetzis

There are 167 criminal cases registered in 2023 by the Real Estate Registration Board (almost one case every two days) against natural and legal persons, which appear to violated the provisions of the real estate agents Law 71(j) of 2010 to 2017.

In a statement, the Council for the Registration of Real Estate Agents states that in total, in 2023, 15 legal entities and 45 natural persons were tried and convicted for illegal real estate brokerage, which were involved in 35 cases, while dozens of other cases are pending.

The Council states that it is intensifying its efforts “to further strengthen its effectiveness in its efforts to combat the problem of illegal real estate” and adds that “the number of complaints from citizens and licensed real estate agents, as well as the information it collects and evaluates the Council's team of inspectors demonstrate the magnitude of the problem”.

He also mentions that in the last one year he has strengthened his team of inspectors numerically and qualitatively to identify illegals and register criminal cases against them whether it is natural , or for legal entities.

The Council of Registration of Real Estate Agents states that it publishes on its website, ktimatomesites.com, at regular intervals the names of convicted individuals and legal entities.

According to the announcement, the President of the Council, Marinos Kynaigirou, stated that “our efforts to combat illegal real estate brokerage are continuous and for this purpose we use all the means available by law”.

“We have made it clear to everyone that we are determined to deal with the gangrene of illegality, which seriously affects the livelihood of licensed real estate agents,” he says and adds that the numbers of cases brought to court prove for another year that we do not mince words.

Our goal and purpose, said Mr. Kynaigirou, “is beyond the safeguarding of our profession and the protection of unsuspecting citizens, who are at risk of falling victim to charlatans and losing money and a lifetime's savings, as we have unfortunately seen several times to happen”.

Finally, he called on citizens to be suspicious and not hesitate to ask people who are recommended to them as real estate agents for the necessary evidence (annual professional license or professional identity card for the current year), so that they can confirm that they are licensed real estate agents.

The confirmation of the information, according to the announcement, can be done easily and quickly through the website of the Council of Registration of Real Estate Agents and by contacting an official Advice on phone 22666377, by fax on 22518490 or email [email protected].

Source: 24h.com.cy

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