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A vote for DIKO is not a wasted vote, says Nikos Papadopoulos

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    Event for the 48th anniversary of the DIKO party and for the 20th anniversary of the accession of Cyprus to the EU

    Struggle slogan until the double elections on June 9 that the world of DIKO will support both his candidates for the European Parliament as well as for Local Government, the President of the party Nicolas Papadopoulos gave from the podium of the event for the 48 years of the party of the center and for the 20 years since the accession of Cyprus to the EU.

    In his speech before the President of the Republic and Ministers and Deputy Ministers of the government, Nicholas Papadopoulos first referred to the European elections, saying that “a vote for the Democratic Party is not a lost vote”.

    “A vote for the Democratic Party” Party means presence in the second largest parliamentary group of the European Parliament. The political cooperation of Socialists and Democrats. Where we can influence important decision-making centers, that is why we must send those to the European Parliament who will honor Cyprus”, he said.

    He promised that until the elections the DIKO world will support and embrace the party's six candidates “and we will win the seat of DIKO in the European Parliament”.

    “The same with the Local Government Elections< /strong>. We will honor our partnerships, in every Province, in every Municipality, in every community. From today until June 9, we will not stop for a minute,” he added.

    As he said, “some have rushed, and have proclaimed, discounted and prescribed the defeat of the Democratic Party in this election. The bad thing for them is that they are not taken into account by the proud DEKO world. Let them say. We have heard them many times before”.

    Referring to the 48 years since the founding of the party, Mr. Papadopoulos said that “we are proud, because our party was at every critical moment, at every decisive turning point, on the right side of history.” He added that DIKO “was there” in the dark days of betrayal, in the reorganization efforts after the 1974 invasion, in the search for the economic miracle in the following decade, in the beginning of the European march. “When Turkey and its allies wanted to dissolve the Republic of Cyprus with the Annan Plan, DIKO was there”, when in 2013 our country was looking for a way out of bankruptcy and memorandums, again DIKO was there”. he said.

    Addressing the President of the Republic, Mr. Papadopoulos said that within these 15 months we now have a sufficient sample of writing for someone to evaluate the governance to date.

    “The sign for us is positive”, he continued. , “mainly in the big and important ones for the country. Those that are important for improving the quality of life of citizens. Those that shield the place from threats and keep it away from adventures. During these 15 months, DIKO stood by you, offering the Government all the necessary support. In our opinion, this government has achieved a lot”.

    Finally, the President of DIKO directed his fire at ELAM, and especially at its positions on immigration, saying that “ELAM &# 8211; the immigrant is captured – but he doesn't want to solve it” and added “Populists never want to solve problems – they want to stay to continue to exploit them.” The event featured taped messages from the President of the Social Democrats group in the European Parliament and from the Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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