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A. Votsis: The regulatory role is not given to anyone

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A. Votsis: The regulatory role is not given to anyone

The regulatory role is not given to anyone, nor of course no one inherits it, said in his speech on the revised state budget the Member of Parliament for Cooperation of Democratic Forces Angelos Votsis .

As he said, this role is won by actions, while as he said, this role should not lead either to bigotry or arrogance.

“The Coalition of Democratic Forces with responsibility, seriousness and diligence has exercised this role effectively and yes today responsibly regulates the approval of the State budget by giving three positive votes, of the competitors Georgios Prokopios, Marinos Mousioutas, and mine,” he said.

He added that today they have before them the State Budget and not the Anastasiadis Budget.

“Today we are judging whether the benefits and grants, especially those related to the pandemic that are not included in the twelfths, can be approved to be disbursed to those affected by the pandemic. This is the most urgent for us. Those of us who have our differences with the Government, or the ruling Party, let us punish them in the elections. And the elections are coming. “So a field of glory,” he said.

He added that for the three MPs of the Coalition of Democratic Forces, the vote of the State Budget, they never felt or believed that it made them a crutch of any Government or that they were a branch of the respective Ruling Party. Nor, he added, did they use for their own benefit any of their attitudes, through whatever they took and gave.

“We are concerned about the friends who attribute these characterizations to us today,” said Mr. Votsis.

“Maybe all these years, again all these years, when we voted the State Budgets together, as we did with the President of DIKO, Spyros Kyprianou, Tassos Papadopoulos, Mario Karoyan, Nikolas Papadopoulos in 6 of the 7 years of the Presidency “at DIKO, did these friends feel that they were crutches of the blessed Dimitris Christofias or Nikos Anastasiadis, or did they also consider that they were becoming branches of AKEL in the first case or DISY in the second?” he asked.

At the same time, he said that “yes, we are crutches” of our ordinary fellow citizen, the underprivileged who expects state support, the employee, the retiree who expects what is entitled to by the state, those who expect to benefit from the development policies of the state and especially of all our fellow citizens who are affected by the pandemic and who anxiously await our decisions.

Mr. Votsis in his position referred to the meetings that he had in a timely, targeted and effective manner, as he said, with the Ministers of Finance, Interior and Labor and to the party's suggestions through which many more were achieved and so many others were wheeled.

At the same time, he appealed to the political leadership to find ways for national reconciliation, even now, a few days before the five-party meeting. With the patriotism of all, “because we do not consider any political force to be of low national resistance”. Forty-six years, he added, is very, very much and he wished this new endeavor success.

Source: www.philenews.com

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