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A wanted man, he was hiding for 10 years and was arrested for racketeering in Zakynthos

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<p><strong>He is a 37-year-old Albanian – He was driving around with a car and fake documents</strong></p>
<p>For ten whole years, the authorities were looking for a 37-year-old Albanian man against whom a final conviction was pending, but he drove around like a gentleman with a car and forged documents and regularly visited his family in Zakynthos, until he betrayed himself because he threw … patches!</p>
<p>His days of freedom came to an end on Tuesday, when security officers located him at the home where his family lives and handcuffed him, as he was identified as the “gunman” who had fired aimlessly at a shop on the island in the early hours of the morning. Sunday.</p>
<p>During the searches that followed at home, in a place where the 37-year-old fugitive had been hiding for the past ten years, as well as in the vehicle he was using, a 9mm pistol was seized and sent for ballistics testing. , a shell casing and ten rounds of 7.65 mm handgun, a forged identity card and a forged driver's license with another person's details.</p>
<p>The foreigner was taken to the criminal prosecutor of Zakynthos, who brought another prosecution against him for violations of the law on weapons and forgery of certificates and ordered his confinement in a penitentiary, where he will serve the six years and three months imprisonment imposed on him before years by decision of the Three-member Court of Criminal Appeals of Patras for theft and violation of weapons legislation. At the same time, the possibility of accusing members of his family of supporting a criminal is being considered.</p>
<p>source: Proto Thema</p><source srcset=< source srcset="https://i1.prth.gr/images/1168x656/_webp/files/2024-05-30/Zakynthos-fygopoinos-pyrovolismoi.jpg" type="image/webp" media="(min-width : 641px)" />

Source: 24h.com.cy

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