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A well-known Greek actress revealed that she was sexually molested by a priest – “I was in the 6th grade”

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Γνωτηνδαηθοισ πολψσδκεσεαικ πρεληιε«οδ ημοτικοy»

“He put the cassock over my head, the thing I felt was not normal”

An in-depth interview was given by a well-known Greek actress on the Sex Podcast of Dafni Karavokyris , making revelations.

In the interview she talked about her sex life, about the difficulties she faced at school, about the sexist comments she receives, while she shocked by revealing the sexual harassment she received as a young age.

The reason for Traiana Ananiaswho, speaking about the issue, confessed that she was a primary school student, while she felt uncomfortable with what she experienced from the priest.

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She characteristically said: “In the context of a confession, a normal confession where you go and confess to the father, I had experienced an erection from the father. He was not exactly the father of the school but of the community through the school that had emerged, I had experienced this. What is his name, I do not remember. Who it is, I don't remember, I can't say who it is, but this has happened.

I wasn't inside the school when this happened, I was at a school activity. He was also there confessing, I went to confess. I was telling him how I feel about Dimitrakis that I'm in love, and he was telling me, “tell me more, tell me more”, and when he said to me, “come to confess to you” and put the raso over me my head, the thing I felt was not normal. This happened. I was in fifth or sixth grade. I didn't tell anyone at the time”.

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