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A wild fugitive, he “stepped” on Omonia and is galloping!

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Apollo continues his infallible course with Antone and charges from the outside for Europe

ΑγριεμΕνος φυγας, «πατη&sigma ;ε» την Ομονοια και καλπΑζει!

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A great 3-1 victory was achieved by Apollon against Omonia in the “Alfamega” stadium for the 2nd game of the playoffs. Bogdan Antone's team was perfectly accurate and with three goals from Ekpolo in the 14th minute, Pitta in the 45th minute and Warda in the 84th minute, they won. Omonia paid for the easy mistakes they made in the first half. The goal for the “greens” was achieved by Sradi in the 18th minute when he equalized at that point in time. This was the 5th consecutive victory of the “blues” in the league and they rose to 50 points and in 5th place, the “clover” remained in 6th place and 42 points.

First half< /p>

In the first part with the “good morning” of the match in the 2nd minute, there was a bad development for Apollon with Hamas seriously injuring his knee in the challenge with Shrantis and a forced change was made.

From then on the Omonia in the first minutes was better and was better on the field than Apollon, as in the 10th minute he threatened Ansarifard with a shot that was countered and collected by Jovanovic.

From there, Apollos went to react and in the 14th minute managed to score after a corner, Fabiano didn't coordinate well with his defense and didn't shoot as he should have, Payburns made the set piece and Ekpolo was on her way ball put his foot and managed to make it 1-0 for his team.

Omonia reacted immediately to Apollo's goal and in the 18th minute managed to equalize at 1-1 after a deep ball from Panagiotou, Sradi went behind the defense, opposite Jovanovic and sent the ball into the net for the equalizer .

From then on, the August team played better in the field and were more dangerous in midfield.

In the 23rd minute, a great opportunity was missed for Omonia, from Leziaks' ball from left towards Kakoullis, who was ready to score, but Peyburns stole the bite from his mouth and drove to a corner. In the 26th minute, another good chance was lost for the “greens” with Kakoullis' shot from outside the area, but Jovanovic kicked it for a corner.

Omonia continued to play better in the match, kept the ball constantly in their possession and did not let Apollon organize and threaten Fabiano's goal.

In the last five minutes of the second half, Apollon rose more and tried to threaten mainly with long balls and in the 43' Mavrias managed to win a penalty from Papoulis, who played carelessly. Pittas took the penalty in the 45th minute and sent the ball into the net.

So the first part ended 2-1 in favor of Apollon. Omonia might have played better, but from two tragic mistakes of their own, the “blue” managed to score twice and take the lead.

Second half

In the second part the pace of the match dropped and we didn't have that many phases especially at the beginning, with Apollon closing in on his defense and playing more conservatively with the aim of keeping the 2-1 in his favor.

On the other hand, Omonia played better and entered the field more aggressively in order to press high and threaten, but it was quite difficult to create opportunities, due to the good defensive functioning of Apollon.

Both teams tried to threaten mainly with long shots, but none of them ended up in the net.

In 83' Omonia missed a huge chance after a foul by Loizou, Koussoulos caught the header, but Jovanovic jumped and made the save of the match, keeping it 2-1 in favor of his team.

A minute later Apollos managed to do the damage on the counterattack, Warda found himself in front of Fabiano and with a well-placed shot made it 3-1 for his team.

The remaining minutes were typical of the match and so Apollon got their 5th straight victory in the championship.


Apollo: Jovanovitch, Ekpolo, Peyburns, Pittas, Iliev, Va, Hamas, Hambos, Filiotis, Warda , Col.

On the bench: Peisotto, Dimitriou, Husain, Spoliarich, Pontikos, Digini, Donio, Mavrias, Sahar, Josten, Zenonos, Augusti.

Omonia: Fabiano, Matthews, Papoulis, Leziaks, Ansarifard, Lang, Sradi, Panagiotou, Kousoulos, Disherund, Kakoulis.

On the bench: Panagi, Ouzoho, Youste, Loizou, Kitsos, Zachariou, Besedin, Miletic, Charalambous, Bezous, Venizelou.

Scorers: 14' Ekpolo, 45' Pittas, 84' Warda/18' Sradi

Yellows: Ba/Matthews, Kakoullis, Kousoulos


Referee: Chrysovalantis Theoulis

REFEREE: Ferreira De Campos Moreira Miguel Hugo Filipe

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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