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Abbot Nektarios' first statement about what he is accused of. “We owe you an explanation for what you have seen”…

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    First reaction from Archimandrite Nektarios after the scandal – It tells the story of what happened from March 5 in the Abvakum Monastery – And he answers about what he is accused of, from money in banks and love affairs

    Breaking his silence, for the first time after what came to light and the scandal under investigation, Archimandrite Nektarios who is in the center.

    With a long announcement on Facebook, he states that he is accused of actions that cannot be conceived by the human mind, adding that the money given to us by the faithful was managed only for the benefit of the monastery.

    ” We owe you an explanation for what you have seen”…

    He refers to unjust accusations against him and his brother monks.

    “Our presumption of innocence has been violated and we are already considered guilty. The worst thing is that every day we are condemned for no reason in the world's consciousness, and this is unfair,” he says.

    In fact, at some point in his post, the abbot Archimandrites Nektarios refers to errors that lead the ongoing process to cancellation.

    And he answers about what he is accused of, from the money to banks and the love affairs.

    The Archimandrite admits that some monks, including himself, do have bank accounts and real estate and notes that “we never came to acts of sexual intercourse with each other or sought to come with other people or believers.” /p>

    My Dears and Beloveds

    After some time, I am contacting you. My abstention for so long from communicating with you is due to one single fact. It is the first time, since my brothers and I consciously and out of love and faith in God chose the solitary life, that we live unprecedented but at the same time very difficult and soul-destroying situations for us. Situations, which shook our souls, but never put our faith in God to the test.

    As you all know, with your love and support and the blessing and support of our Despot, we built our Monastery, which became a point of reference as a religious pilgrimage. We put our effort and soul into it.

    However, since March 5th of this year, both I and my brothers are experiencing and experiencing terrible events:

    < strong>a) We saw hooded men unexpectedly invade the monastery, insulting the sanctity of its space,

    b) we saw the illegal removal of not only the official books and documents of our Monastery but also our personal belongings and private documents and also be unlawfully seized,

    c) we saw our monastery being locked and deserted, while such action by a bishop is prohibited by the holy rules,

    d) we were forced with unbearable pressure and inhuman behavior to confess our deeds, which we never did,

    e) we were unlawfully expelled from our monastery, being forced to violate our sacred obligation of renunciation as monks within our holy monastery.< /p>

    And finally, we saw ourselves accused of actions, which the mind of man cannot conceive. And from monks who do work, having the love of the world and the appreciation of our Despot, we turned into people who deceive the faithful, who steal from the Church, who sexually harass their fellow human beings, etc. And all this from one day to the next.

    The most important thing, however, is that all the “evidence”, on which the foundation of the unjust accusations against me and the brothers of our Monastery is attempted, is illegal and came from an illegal recording of everyone's private life and private conversations us, without us knowing it.
    Nevertheless, and not denying that you have in fact seen snapshots of our lifestyle and heard our private conversations, although we emphasize that their recording and publication was illegal, we owe you – for what you have generally seen and have you heard about us – an explanation from the heart. We owe it to you, for the love and support you have offered us until today:

    a) the money you gave us with your heart and many of you from your delay, we managed it only for the benefit of the monastery ours, which is also your monastery. They were not an opportunity or an occasion for personal enrichment. And we have never refused any control, especially from our Despot. Every inspection was welcome, because as our people say “clear sky, lightning is not afraid”.

    b) we have never engaged in acts of sexual intercourse with each other or sought to engage with other people or believers. But for everyday phrases, which are heard in published snapshots and which we repeat, that were illegally recorded, we apologize and ask for your forgiveness ,inasmuch as you judge, that these should not be heard from the lips of monks. But we are human beings, carrying a heavy burden that we struggle with every day. Their human frailties, which sometimes we defeat and sometimes they defeat us. And it is, we repeat, human, that our daily coexistence creates familiarity, trust and closeness between us, which is sometimes externalized in and by – in small measure for many – “bold” jokes, but without any further consequence or implied consequence.< /p>

    c) some of us actually have bank accounts and real estate.This is due to the fact that at the same time we are also clergy, and as clergy we are obliged to have a bank account for the payment of our salary, we are also entitled to have any immovable property. We repeat, as clerics.

    However, this does not make us thieves of the money, which you donated to us for our monastery, which is also your monastery.

    d) the Holy Cross of Agios Porphyrios, apart from being a sacred relic, is for me personally an inheritance from blessed Athena Sideris, spiritual child of Agios Porphyrios. You understand, then, my respect for this sacred relic. It is therefore, self-evident, that it neither was, nor is, nor will it ever be an object for us to exploit. Nor will we tell you that he does or does not perform miracles, because everyone experiences the miracle personally. And the fact of his smelling, as it was illegally recorded and made public but misinterpreted, had as its only goal the aesthetic fragrance of the cross and in no way to prove or strengthen its miraculous character. Far be it from us such or similar thought or intention. Just like the occasional smearing of it with alcohol, an action that was not intended for anything other than the antisepsis of the heirloom and that alone. Anything else is beyond reality.

    e) desiring to help our Despot, His Beatitude and the other High Priests from our side, we submitted a Memorandum. In this Memorandum, we pointed out the eleven (11) mistakes that have been made in the investigation process to date, beginning with the actions of our Despot. And while these mistakes lead to the cancellation of the whole process, unfortunately we did not get any response. And neither have we ever been summoned, to explain, nor do we know, what the summoned witnesses testify. What we do know is that our presumption of innocence has been violated and we are already considered guilty. The worst thing, however, is that every day we are condemned without reason in the conscience of the world, that is, in your own conscience. And this is unfair.

    All these words of heart, we owed you. For your love and support. And we for our part, all brothers united and of one mind, assure you that we will endure this test, drawing strength from you. And with whatever strength God gives us, we will continue, asking to be checked and judged fairly, hoping for the restoration of our honor as monks and our dignity as human beings.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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