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Abolition of the pet fee for vulnerable people is being promoted

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    Who will be the beneficiaries

    Assistance dog owners, low pensioners and public assistance recipients will be exempted from paying the €20 fee per year for dogs, based on an amendment passed into the legislation by the Parliamentary Environment Committee.

    As he stated after the session of < strong>AKEL Member of Parliament NikosKettiros, in the article-by-article discussion of the Dog Law, an attempt was made to introduce proposals that do not cause serious costs to the state or the citizens, which would include in the legislation the animal-friendly consciousness that, according to a general finding, as he said, was absent from the text of the legislation .

    For this reason, he noted, it was introduced in article 4 of the legislation to exclude from the payment of the fee for a companion animal, except for people who use service dogs, and low pensioners as well as recipients of public assistance. The annual fee, he said, is up to €20, which he said would not cause a significant problem for public finances and local authorities.

    However, he added, they wanted to send the message that those people who often need the companion animal, will be able to have it without end. He added that the exemption from the fee would apply to one animal per residence.

    Mr Kettiros said this could be an incentive for people to adopt an animal from a shelter, noting that currently shelters they are full.

    At the same time, he expressed disappointment that representatives of the Union of Municipalities and Communities, government agencies and the Legal Service, which filed reservations, disagreed with this change. He wondered how many years should pass before this awareness that they want to pass on animals reaches the government departments. He noted that the benefits of abolishing the fee will be many times greater if they are not only seen as financial.

    On his part, DIKO Member of Parliament Chrysanthos Savvidishe said that there are different opinions on the law from different parties and MPs. He added that one point of friction is the number of dogs per property, house and apartment.

    He said having a property in a field with suitable living conditions for the animal is not an issue for his party. He noted, however, that they have an issue with the number of dogs per apartment and per house and the provision in the text of the law that each local authority will decide on the number of dogs per apartment or per house. He noted that this is wrong and that the state should have a uniform policy for all communities and municipalities.

    He added that the Commission was told that there are households that have seven, eight, fifteen dogs, twenty dogs and a huge issue is being created.

    At the same time he said that local authorities do not have the staff to respond to complaints they receive about dogs, such as noise pollution and nuisance, but also animal welfare issues.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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