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Above average water level in dams-Concern about reduced inflow

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Πανω απo τη μεση η στΑθμη του νεροΙ στα φρΑγματα-Α νησυχiα για τη μειωμeνη εισροor

The rains of last winter seem to have been particularly beneficial, since the significant inflow of water that was observed caused several dams to overflow and today the water level is at quite satisfactory levels, despite the fact that in the last months with the lack of rain that has been observed , the inflow to the dams is noticeably reduced, compared to previous years. 

More specifically, according to the recent data provided by the Water Development Department, the total capacity recorded in our dams today is 194,238 million cubic meters, which corresponds to 66.8% of the total capacity, which is 290,804 million cubic meters. It is worth noting that during the corresponding period last year, occupancy was 48.2%, i.e. 140,224 million cubic meters. 

In fact, during the previous hydrological year, specifically in April, the maximum amount of water reached 263,194 million cubic meters, which also proves the benefit of the rains that occurred, since the amount is still at quite high levels, compared to last year's numbers that were recorded.  

However, so far the water inflow observed at the dams is quite reduced, since there was a total of 9,405 million cubic meters of water during the first months of the hydrological year. It is worth noting that the most beneficial month is January in each hydrological year, since it is the month with the greatest inflow of water into the dams due to intense and continuous rainfall. For example, last January, a total of 74,614 million cubic meters of total inflow of water was recorded. 

Each year, however, particular importance is given to the largest dams in Cyprus, which also have the largest storage quantities of water. For example, Kouris, which is also the largest dam in Cyprus, today its capacity is at 63.4%. Next, the Asprokremmos dam in Paphos, its capacity is at 79.9%, while the Evretos dam in Chrysochou is at 69.6%. 

As can be seen, with the data to date listed in the Water Development Department, the overall picture at the dams is quite satisfactory, especially compared to the corresponding period last year, characterized by no rain, however, the reduced water inflow observed in recent years months, is something that causes particular concern, since if these numbers continue, then the decrease in the water level will be obvious.  

See below in detail the capacity of the dams:

Πàν&omega απo τη μeση η στΑθμη του νεροy στα &phi ;ραγματα-ΑνησυχΙα για τη μειωμeν η εισροor

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